Cruise Line Cancels Multiple Ship Itineraries in Asia

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Princess Cruises has canceled more than two dozen cruises in Asia, impacting multiple cruise ships in the region.

Princess Cruises Cancels Sailings

With the fear of the Coronavirus which is spreading across the world including Asia, Princess Cruises has decided to cancel more than a dozen cruises impacting multiple cruise ships that call on various ports throughout the region. The Diamond Princess, which is currently under quarantine in Yokohama, Japan, has an additional five sailings canceled, Majestic Princess has five sailings canceled, and Sapphire Princess has 12 sailings canceled.

All guests booked on the canceled cruises and those who have canceled their cruise on or after January 20, 2020, will be receiving compensation details from the cruise line in the coming weeks.

Diamond Princess Cancellations

Princess Cruises stated “Based on the prolonged quarantine period, and the anticipated time to prepare the ship to return to service, we unfortunately must cancel additional Diamond Princess voyages through the April 20 voyage. We are preparing Diamond Princess to return to service April 29, 2020 for the start of Japan’s annual Golden Week celebrations.”

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“Please continue to consult this Itinerary Modifications page for changes that may impact your voyage. Please minimize calling our Princess call center for itinerary change information as we work through all the travel changes and subsequent impacts on itineraries. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

VoyageDeparture DateDeparture Port
M009March 15, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M009AMarch 15, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M010March 24, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M010AMarch 24, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M011April 2, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M011AApril 2, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M012April 11, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M012AApril 11, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M013April 20, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)

The above sailings are in addition to the already canceled cruises which were announced previously by Princess Cruises as follows:

VoyageDeparture DateDeparture Port
M004February 4, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M004CFebruary 6, 2020Roundtrip from Kobe
M004FFebruary 4, 2020Yokohama to Kobe
M005February 12, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M005BFebruary 14, 2020Roundtrip from Kobe
M006February 20, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M006DFebruary 20, 2020Tokyo (Yokohama) to Taipei (Keelung)
M006BFebruary 22, 2020Roundtrip from Kobe
M006CFebruary 25, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)
M007February 28, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M007BMarch 1, 2020Roundtrip from Kobe
M007CMarch 4, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)
M008March 7, 2020Roundtrip from Tokyo (Yokohama)
M008BMarch 9, 2020Kobe to Tokyo (Yokohama)
M008CMarch 12, 2020Taipei (Keelung) to Tokyo (Yokohama)

Majestic Princess & Sapphire Princess Cancellations

Princess Cruises posted the following details about further fleet cancellations, including for Majestic Princess, one of the newest ships in the fleet and purpose-built for the Asian market.

“Our team continues working to finalize itinerary changes and to communicate these changes to you as soon as the details are confirmed.”

“Due to current port restrictions and closures and lack of predictability regarding port availability in our Southeast Asia itineraries going forward, we have made the decision to cancel additional Asia voyages on Sapphire Princess and Majestic Princess. All booked guests will receive a full refund, back to the original form of payment, of their cruise fare, Princess Air, pre- and post-cruise hotel packages, prepaid shore excursions and other prepaid items, and taxes, fees, and port expenses. As these cruises have been cancelled so close to departure, each guest will also receive a Future Cruise Credit.”

“We will provide complete details to all guests booked on impacted voyages via email and Cruise Personalizer.”

“Please continue to consult this Itinerary Modifications page for changes that may impact your voyage. Please minimize calling our Princess call center for itinerary change information as we work through all the travel changes and subsequent impacts on itineraries. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

VoyageDeparture DateDeparture Port
8005FFebruary 22, 2020Fremantle (Perth) to Singapore
8007March 12, 2020Sinagpore to Hong Kong
8009March 23, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)
8009AMarch 23, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)
8010March 28, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)
8010AMarch 28, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)
8011NApril 2, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)
8011BApril 2, 2020Roundtrip from Taipei (Keelung)

And cancellations for Sapphire Princess:

VoyageDeparture DateDeparture Port
H007February 13, 2020Roundtrip from Singapore
H007AFebruary 13, 2020Roundtrip from Singapore
H008February 23, 2020Roundtrip from Singapore
H009March 1, 2020Roundtrip From Singapore
H009AMarch 1, 2020Roundtrip From Singapore
H010March 12, 2020Roundtrip From Singapore
H010AMarch 12, 2020Roundtrip From Singapore
H011March 22, 2020Roundtrip From Singapore
H013April 16, 2020Singapore To Yokohama
H014May 2, 2020Yokohama To Singapore
H014AMay 2, 2020Yokohama To Hong Kong
H014DMay 2, 2020Roundtrip From Yokohama
H014GMay 2, 2020Yokohama To Hong Kong
H014BMay 10, 2020Hong Kong To Singapore
H014FMay 10, 2020Hong Kong To Yokohama
H014HMay 10, 2020Roundtrip From Hong Kong
H015CMay 18, 2020Singapore To Hong Kong
H015May 18, 2020Singapore To Yokohama
H015DMay 26, 2020Hong Kong To Yokohama
H016June 3, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai
H016AJune 3, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai
H016BJune 3, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai
H016CJune 3, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai
H016DJune 3, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai
H017June 11, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai
H017AJune 11, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai
H017BJune 11, 2020Roundtrip from Shanghai

The situation in Asia is developing and the Carnival-owned cruise line is closely monitoring which ports are open and which ones are not. Princess Cruises is scrambling to try and keep many sailings in operation by also making some adjustments to ports of call. Cruise Hive strongly advises all passengers to keep checking for official updates from the cruise line for details regarding their upcoming cruises or cruise plans.

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These cancellations come as around 400 Americans were evacuated in recent days from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has (as of this writing) 356 confirmed cases of the virus are onboard. Many affected passengers have now been taken to medical facilities in Japan for further treatment, evaluation, and quarantine.

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