Cruise Line Announces A Special Disco on its Ships

Cunard Line embraces new trends and will begin offering silent discos onboard its cruise ships, starting with Queen Mary 2.

Cunard has announced that it is launching a particular type of disco on its ships, a silent one. The cruise line is introducing this new concept to its nightclubs, starting with G32, the vibrant nightclub on the Queen Mary 2.

To celebrate International DJ Day on March 9, Cunard is adding a live DJ and resident party band to the nightclub. The cruise line also plans to introduce silent discos aboard Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria on selected evenings.

Cunard’s Silent Disco

Whether Cunard is one of those cruise lines where you would expect guests to be dancing through the night is one thing. However, a silent disco will undoubtedly be appreciated by the majority of guests onboard, especially those who didn’t come for loud beats.

The UK-based cruise line, part of Carnival Corporation, will start to offer silent discos onboard the Queen Mary 2, beginning with the nightclub onboard. The cruise line plans to expand the party to the other ships in the fleet, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, at a later date. Whether the newest cruise ship, Queen Anne will also have silent discos is not known.

Cunard’s decision to introduce silent discos on its ships offers the cruise line numerous opportunities to transform unexpected areas into nightclubs. For instance, parties can be held in the lobby, on deck, or in other locations on the ship.

Silent Disco
Silent Disco (Photo Credit: Aleksandar Kamasi / Shutterstock)

David Jones, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Cunard, stated: “Cunard is known for being a pioneer of sophisticated and luxurious travel, but the introduction of silent discos to our nightclub venues reflects our commitment to offering immersive and contemporary experiences for guests.”

“This latest innovation ensures we remain at the cutting edge of luxury travel as we strive to provide guests with unforgettable moments they will cherish for a lifetime.”

A silent disco is an event where a group of people gets together to dance, but everyone wears headphones. There are variations to the silent disco; some let people choose their own music to dance to, while others, such as the one on Cunard, feature a DJ.

Silent discos have become popular at music festivals, allowing the party to continue while being able to observe noise curfews so those living nearby were not disturbed.

“As a business, we have always been willing to embrace new trends and have continually adapted our offering to evolve with the times – it’s in our DNA,” Jones continued. 

Silent Discos on Board Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean ships have already incorporated their versions of silent discos, with the “Hush! Silent Party!” being one of the most popular events onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Onboard the Celebrity cruise ships, the parties are mainly aimed at teenagers.

The brand ambassador of Carnival Cruise Line, John Heald, shared his thoughts on the concept recently: “This is where people have headphones on and decide to dance, waddle, twerk, bang their head, two-step, or drop it like it is sodding well hot to whichever kind of music they choose from an inventory of everything. And only they hear that music. It really looks brilliant when you see lots of people dancing silently to the music…it’s quite a show.”

It seems silent discos are fast becoming the latest trend on board cruise ships. Of course, there are several reasons why this concept has become so popular.

Firstly, the problem of noise complaints has been eliminated. Secondly, a party can be hosted anywhere on the ship without disturbing other guests who are not part of the event. Lastly, they are incredibly fun to take part in. 


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