Cruise Hive Partners with SeaHub, a Modern New Booking Site

We just thought we would let all our amazing readers and followers know that we’ve partnered up with the most modern booking site Seahub.

You might be wondering why we are posting about this new partnership. It is really important to keep in touch with the new modern way of booking cruises online and we want to bring this benefit to Cruise Hive readers.

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Seahub is a fairly new player to the cruise line booking industry and sister company of the flights booking giant What we like about them is the slick way cruisers can quickly find a good deal and use advanced search and booking options to find what they want. You really need to try out that handy sidebar when searching cruises and when in the booking process SeaHub makes it simple, clear and just simply cool. Seahub is run by young tech entrepreneurs who are aiming to modernize how things are done in the industry.

SeaHub, Booking Cruises

Here is what Seahub says:

Cruises are great, but buying one online is currently complicated in so many ways.

From bleak descriptions of what you’re actually buying, to checkout bugs that block you from completing your payment, booking a cruise online in the 21st century shouldn’t be like this.

You are going on your vacation. You worked hard for this. Booking it shouldn’t be a hassle.

Enters Seahub.

Seahub is a young company composed of travel agents, engineers and tech entrepreneurs who are working hard everyday to make sure the booking part is as fun as the cruise itself.

If there’s anything you wish we did better, please please let us know. This is not a generic corporate text, we’re genuinely interested in your feedback!

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working with Seahub closely to bring competitive cruise prices and booking options to Cruise Hive readers. As we develop the relationship readers will start to see Seahub deals and branding on our site. Pay attention to our “Cruise Deals” section where we will bring you all the latest in price drops and more not just from Seahub but other well-established cruise sites too.

Give Seahub a go and tell them and us what you think.


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