Cruise News Cruise Hive Launches First Official Windows 8 App

Cruise Hive Launches First Official Windows 8 App

Cruise Hive launches very first app for Windows 8!

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Financial Analysts Think No Cruises Until March

According to a paper published by Macquarie Financial Services, reported by Barrons, it is unlikely that cruising would resume next month.

CDC Still Advises Against All Cruise Travel Worldwide

While the cruise industry awaits a decision on the No-Sail-Order for December, the CDC still recommends that travelers defer all cruise travel worldwide.

Cruise Lines Likely to Hike Fees Once Things Calm

An industry that has burned over a billion USD a month over the last six months will need to make money somewhere.

Cruise Hive Weekly News: October 24, 2020

It was a week full of cruise news covering major cruise lines including the latest developments on resuming cruises and a mix of different stories, good and bad.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Cruise Hive app for windows 8. That’s windows 8 not windows phone 8! No matter what W8 device your using you can download the new app from the store right now. The reason for this is to celebrate 2,000 followers now on our Twitter account @cruisehive.

The app simply brings you the latest cruise news in the industry in a simple but informative way. Also on the app are our featured articles and any other great cruise related content worth reading. App users can also add a comment and browse their way around in a clean fluid experience. If you add the Cruise Hive app to your windows 8 live tile start screen you will also get a live tile with rotated images from the most popular articles.

Downloading the app is totally free and if you love cruising only helps keep you informed and up to date with the industry. There will be many more versions to be released so the app will get even better as we go along.

So if you’re using a Windows 8 device then you can download the Cruise Hive app:

Windows Store

Cruise Hive App

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Cruise Hive App
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