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Carnival Cruise Deals

Take a look at these Top 10 Carnival Cruise Deals. Keep checking back for the latest prices for upcoming sailings throughout the fleet. If you come across any great bargain then feel free to share this page so that your friends can take full advantage of booking a Carnival cruise at these low prices.

Take Advantage Of Carnival Cruise Deals

There's never been a better time to take advantage of Carnival cruise deals! Here are 12 reasons you should book your Carnival cruise today.

Approximately $23 million travelers set voyage on cruise ships in 2015. Today, more and more people are setting sail on cruises for all sorts of occasions. We're talking honeymoons, family reunions, and deluxe vacations.

However, many people associate lavish cruises with lavish prices. It's a myth! Carnival cruise deals are a great way for people to experience all the virtues cruising has to offer without the hefty price tag. Want to see how you can take advantage of Carnival cruise deals for your next getaway? Check out our following tips!

Why Cruise With Carnival?

Carnival boasts some of the best prices in the cruising industry. With that said, the extensive Carnival cruise deals allow you to have a blast on the water without skimping out value or quality.

Known as the “Fun Ships,” these cruises have no shortage of playtime for the whole family. A few examples of popular onboard activities include:

Carnival LIVE: nightly concerts, comedy performances, and theater spectacles. Carnival has proudly hosted big names like Journey, Nick Jonas, Carrie Underwood, and Tim McGraw.

IMAX Movies: What’s cooler than a movie? An IMAX movie? And, what’s cooler than an IMAX movie? Watching the latest blockbuster in the middle of the sea, of course. Grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show!

WaterWorks: This is one of our favorite Carnival perks because it’s a waterpark on a ship! Enjoy hundreds of feet of waterslides, enjoy the Speedway Splash, or have fun getting drenched under one of the largest buckets of water in the world. Best for kids and adults of all ages!

Serenity Adult-Only Retreat: Sometimes, we all need a bit of me time, and this one definitely applies to our cruising parents. Enjoy an adult-only area with hot tubs, lounge chairs, and a fully-stocked bar.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Did you know that research shows that yes, traveling can be stressful! This stress especially applies when you need to juggle multiple itineraries, age groups, and even foreign money and languages. Cruises believe in taking away that stress to make room for more of what you cherish: Time and creating memories for your loved ones!

No need to worry about planning out extensive accommodations, modes of transportation, or where to eat dinner that night. On a cruise ship, you have that taken care of for you! And, you have it taken care of with a friendly smile. Best of all? No need to worry about planning out specific activities for everyone in your party. Carnival cruise ship handles all the fun. One of you might want to wake up early to swim some laps in the pool.

Another might want to lazily loll about in bed and order a decadent room service breakfast. Better yet, another might want to indulge in a full-body massage in the cruise spa. It doesn’t matter the preference: taking advantage of Carnival cruise deals allows everyone in your party to have a good time. Less neurotic planning equals more cherishable moments with the people who matter. Seems like the ultimate travel hack to us.

Enjoy the Off-Season

Just like all foreign countries have high and low seasons, cruise ships do as well. Here’s why: Most people want to travel during holidays or summers. It’s when people tend to have more time off, and it’s when families can easily get together. With that said, cruises tend to be more expensive in these peak times. With proper planning, you can score some amazing Carnival cruise deals by looking into off-season trips.

Consider the following seasonal guidelines when looking for Carnival cruise deals:


The best prices for cruise travel tend to be in both May and September. While these tend to bring cooler weather, with proper bundling, you’re likely to experience fewer crowds and have more cash.

The Caribbean

The tropics are pleasant all year-round, but it’s actually cheapest during late summer and fall. This is because this time falls into hurricane season. If you’re willing to risk adverse weather, you can potentially save a lot of money.

Don’t want to risk inclement weather? Try looking between the end of November (after Thanksgiving) and beginning weeks of December (before Christmas). Because most people travel during those holidays, there tends to be a price drop during the in-between segments.


Again, Mexico tends to have pretty balmy weather all year-round. However, the best time for price drops tends to be in late summer and fall due to hurricane season. You can also find deals in early winter and spring.


Dreaming of Paris? Carnival cruise deals can you take there. It’s tourist season in the summer, but you can find cheaper rates (and lovely temperatures) during both spring and fall.


Many families and honeymooners travel to Hawaii for their exquisite beaches and gorgeous scenery. Fortunately, Hawaii weather tends to be pleasant all year-round. Look for price drops at the end of November through early March (skipping major holidays).


Rates fall from April-May and throughout winter. However, it’s cold! So, keep that in mind if you’re looking forward to sunbathing on the lido deck!

Save on Airfare Costs

Sometimes, the biggest expense isn’t the cruise ship at all. It’s the airfare that comes with it! The vacation of your dreams may sail out of a terminal close to home. You may not even have to fly to get there, and that will save you a tremendous chunk of cash.

Carnival allows you to park your car in a monitored lot. Even if you have to drive out eight or ten hours to your terminal, you can still save by leaving your car directly on-site.

If you do plan on flying, be sure to check out for deals! A few tips to consider:

  • Don’t wait too late to buy your airline tickets (aim for about 2-3 months before)
  • If it’s holiday travel, book out early
  • Search around for different competitor prices
  • Consider flying out of large, international airports (prices tend to be cheaper)
  • Fly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays if possible

With the right research, you should be able to save several hundred on your airfare. Combine this with scoring on Carnival cruise deals, and you’ve secured a great deal!

Look OnBoard for Deals

You’ve finally made it onto your Carnival cruise! Saving money doesn’t stop now. Let’s look at a few suggestions for stretching your hard-earned dollars on Carnival cruise deals without sacrificing fun.

Have an Alcohol Plan

We’ll give you the bad news first. Those breezy pina coladas are going to cost you. Want the good news? It might not be as excruciating as you think- if you have a plan in place. Want to know one of our favorite Carnival cruise deals? Every passenger over age 21 can bring 1 750 ml bottle of sealed/unopened champagne or wine in their carry-on luggage. With just a $15 restaurant corkage fee, this is a great way to start off saving money.

Want to have a really good time? Consider signing up for the CHEERS! beverage program. Starting at $49.95 per day with 15% gratuity, you’ll have all-inclusive access to frozen cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, energy drinks, milkshakes, water, and soda. You’ll also have access to discounted rates on purchasing wine or champagne on the cruise restaurants.

Have a Non-Alcohol Plan

Traveling with young ones or those in your party who do not drink? Consider the Bottomless Bubbles soda program (starting at just $4.95 for kids and $7.50 for adults). Enjoy unlimited access to all sodas and juices.

If you plan on drinking beverages outside of just water or tea, this is truly one of the best Carnival cruise deals out there. Pro tip – Love a cup of java? You can order hot lattes or espressos in the fancy coffeehouse. Or, you can just go to the top Lido restaurant (open 24/7) and get a cup of joe for free!

Map out Your Meals

Like most cruises, Carnival offers specialty dining for a fee. Whether you’re planning to indulge in world-famous sushi or a juicy steak, you will likely have several different tasty options available to you. If you do plan on eating in one of these specialty restaurants, it’s smart to look at the menu prices ahead of time. You don’t want a huge surprise bill at the end!

Food is part of your basic cruising package. You don’t have to spend an additional penny to consume world-class cuisine.

Plan Your Own Shore Excursions

All cruises offer their own excursions. They guarantee safety and a meticulously planned-out itinerary. However, if you feel like you can brave it, consider planning out your own excursions. This method will end up saving you a lot of money, and you’ll have your own free time to do as you wish.

Make a Casino Plan

Did you know Americans lost about 142.6 billion in gambling losses in 2014? Pretty staggering, isn’t it? We’re not saying you can’t play a hand of poker or blackjack. But, you should have a plan of attack before even setting foot in the cruise casino.

With so much free entertainment available to you, think long and hard about whether or not this will be a worthwhile way to spend your spare time! If you do decide on trying out your luck, keep a hard budget and stick with it.

Take Advantage of Duty-Free

Got your eye on a new handbag? What about your favorite perfume? Chances are, it’s onboard, and it’s at a price you’ll want to consider. Because cruises run on international seas, they are held to different standards regarding taxes and fees.

This is an advantage to you. For example, on a $900 purchase, you aren’t paying any tax on it. If the tax was 8%, you’d be paying an extra $72 for that very item.

While cruise ships don’t always come with the best retail prices, if you have your heart set on something specific, this might be a great way to take advantage of duty-free shopping.

Understand The Wifi

There are several Carnival cruise deals in terms of WIFI packages. These include the “social WIFI plan,” which starts at $5 per day an allows access to popular social media applications. That’s just $35 for a standard, one-week cruise, and you’ll be able to post, snap, and tweet as long as you want. Carnival also offers a premium WIFI plan that starts at $17.70 per day and allows full access to the Internet with the fastest connection. It also allows for streaming and downloading.

All ships also offer publicly accessible computers available 24/7. You can print any documents free of charge. And, if you really went to have a relaxing vacation, consider this tip. Turn off your phone or turn it on airplane mode! Take a bunch of amazing pictures and post them later. Enjoy your trip, free of distractions, and save money in the meantime.

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