Cruise News Crew Members Caught Dumping Garbage From MSC Cruise Ship

Crew Members Caught Dumping Garbage From MSC Cruise Ship

The apparent MSC Cruises garbage dumping saga continues due to recent videos showing MSC crew members dumping garbage and debris into Brazilian waters. Cruise Hive had previously reported about the European based cruise line being caught on camera by a passenger aboard MSC Magnifica while the ship was sailing near Brazil.

A statement of the alleged dumping had been released by MSC Cruises back in January which stated that the cruise line was investigating but now months later no information about it has been released.

Well now Cruise Law News which is run by maritime lawyer Jim Walker has posted new video footage, which had been taken by a former crew member in secret. The videos which we have featured below show crew members throwing garbage from the lower mooring deck of the MSC Magnifica cruise ship as it was sailing in Brazilian waters the site reports.

Cruise Law News has posted several reports on the story and now the news is starting to go viral. Cruise Hive has contacted MSC Cruises about the dumping and will post the response here once we get one.

The first video below shows a crew member throwing black bags out into the ocean:

More black bag throwing by a crew member who could have been ordered to do so by a supervisor or officer:

The site has also posted Facebook photos of garbage being stored in the lower mooring deck along with wooden pallets and other waste. The photos were taken by the former crew member:

It seems the garbage was being built up during the day and then thrown through the porthole during the night. Crew members do get training about environment issues and the correct standards of discharging waste.

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