Costa Cruises upcoming cruise ship the Costa Diadema made another major milestone in it’s construction process. The ship has had it’s large yellow funnel and the name section hull installed.

These two areas of the ship are the first of many main parts which will come together over the coming months to make the ship as a whole.

The popular blue and yellow funnel was delivered and installed on September 16th. The hull section which has the ships name on was placed on September 30th.

The Costa Diadema is being constructed in Italy and will be finished by October 2014. When the new ship enters service it will be Costa Cruises newest flagship replacing the current Costa Fascinosa. Costa Diadema will be the largest ship in the fleet at 132,500 tons and carrying 4,947 passengers.

Are you looking forward to Costas new cruise ship? Let us know in the comments below.

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