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Costa Cruises Launches New Ad Campaign

Costa Cruises is mounting a major international advertising campaign on television and, in cinemas and online. Following the domestic launch in Italy Dec. 21, 2014, the campaign will kick off in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. In North America, the campaign will be focused online with Facebook as the primary medium and additional online placements in travel trade and consumer outlets.

The creative theme of the new campaign is based on the brand position that Italian company Costa provides guests holidays featuring “Italy’s finest” on all 14 ships of the fleet.

“Our company has 66 years of history in Italy, so we looked back at our roots and decided to focus on Italy and the finest things it offers: passion, style, quality, hospitality,” said Norbert Stiekema, Costa Cruises’ executive vice president corporate sales and marketing. “The new campaign is based on the idea of a
rediscovery of Italian excellence. Onboard our ships in any part of the world it is always possible to find Italy’s finest products and services. Only Costa offers the most diverse choice of cruise holidays with a unique Italian touch.”

The 60-, 30- and 15-second commercials will be launched on television and radio, but also at cinemas and online. The campaign will involve print media as well as in store activities, where the main theme of the ads will be adapted to the context.

The commercial tells about Italy’s finest in terms of lifestyle, through different scenes that reproduce moments of a cruise on a Costa ship: Guests having breakfast, going to a party, taking an “aperitivo,” enjoying lunch or watching a show. The message is that one discovers these emotions that are authentically and typically Italian, by starting with the words that describe them: How do you say “breakfast” in Italian? “Colazione.” How do you say “ party” in Italian? “Festa.”

The commercial was shot on board Costa Favolosa, with some scenes captured on the open-air Promenade of Costa Diadema, the new flagship that entered service October 30. The commercial was directed by Federico Brugia, the music is “Valzer in Blue” by Philip Abussi.

Costa Cruises’ new campaign has been executed by Havas Worldwide Milan, under the direction of Costa Cruises’ Davide Chiodini, international brand director, and Andrea Cortese, marketing director Italy.


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