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Costa Concordia Refloat Operation Begins

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The huge task of refloating the Costa Concordia wreck has started today (July 14th) ready for the ship to be towed away at the end of the month to Genoa, Italy.

The refloating started at 6 am local time at the Italian island of Giglio where the Costa Concordia has been ever since hitting a rock in January 2012. All the sponsons have been fitted to the ship and engineers have been making preparations for months.

It will be a long process and could take up to seven days for the Concordia to be refloated. Engineers will also move the wreck approximately 30 meters to the west away from the rocks. Tugs boats will be on hand to help in any situation especially at the beginning of the refloat when Concordia will be moved away from it;s platforms. The ship had been resting on the platforms ever since the ship was put back into its upright position last year.

The refloat will be a long process and to keep track of it you can watch the web cam feed provided by Giglio News. The site also has some other viewing options of the Costa Concordia. To watch a live stream click here.

To get full details of the refloat operation and the steps engineers will take before its towed away then read our previous report.

Costa Concordia

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