Construction to Begin on New Residential LNG Vessel

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The newest residential vessel to be built in recent years, MV Narrative, will be built by Brodosplit in Croatia. The vessel will become the world’s greenest ship, according to Storylines, the company behind the newbuild.

The vessel will not only boast an unusual outer design and be LNG powered but will also feature things like a garden for growing fresh produce, energy converters to convert waste to energy, and fuel cells to power the ship’s residences.

All this does not come for free though, the residences which range in size from 237 sq. ft. to 2411 sq. ft., are priced from $300,000 to more than $8 million.


A newcomer on the cruise market, the Storylines is specifically not marketing itself as a cruise line. According to the company, the vessel will be an all-inclusive ocean residence that will attract adventure seekers looking for an immersive global cultural experience.

Rendering Courtesy: Storylines

While most cruise lines spend one and at the most two or three days in each port of call, Storylines aims to keep MV Narrative in each port for three to five days.

Residents who choose to stay onboard are offered a wide variety of activities onboard, including enrichment programs, spa services that feature local elements, and a signature culinary atrium with regional dishes inspired by each port of call.

Rendering Courtesy: Storylines

Not only will an itinerary be set by Storylines, but residents have a say as well. In each itinerary, the company has included a resident’s choice. Guests that have purchased a residence can choose which port the vessel will sail to next. So while the itinerary is somewhat set, there is still a reasonable amount of choice as well.

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The Greenest Ship at Sea

Storylines are marketing MV Narrative as the greenest ship at sea. While many companies have been making that claim in recent years, it is not hard to see that Storylines has taken this concept to a whole new level.

Rendering Courtesy: Storylines

With the common perspective, although not precisely correct, towards cruise ships being that they are extremely pollutant, wasteful vacation options, the LNG powered MV Narrative will boast several energy and resource-saving options that others could undoubtedly learn from:

  • 5,400 square foot organic vertical hydroponic garden with crops such as salad greens, microgreens, herbs, and vine crops.
  • utilizing fuel cells to power the ship’s residences
  • zero-waste farmer’s market featuring organic produce from the ship’s garden, freshly made deli selections, dry bulk goods, and refill stations for everyday essentials
  • animal products are free-range, not factory farmed
  • 800-liter microbrewery to self-sustain the ship’s needs while serving exceptionally fresh, high-quality beer and helping to meet waste-reduction goals
  • wine selection on barrel tap saves 25 cases and 300 glass bottles per 60-gallon barrel

MV Narrative will be built by the same shipyard that has been focussed on the Expedition cruise market, of which it has built three in recent years, while the yard has also built the largest sailing vessel in the world, ‘Golden Horizon’.

Rendering Courtesy: Storylines

The vessel will feature no less than three pools, while there will be 450+ crew members on board to service the guests staying in 627 residences. The ship will be 230 meters long and have a total tonnage of 62,000 gross tons.

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The largest residence that is still available will set you back a mere $7,633,000, with an additional yearly fee of $205.000.

But, for that, you get a two-level apartment that features a bar and dining setting for eight people and comfy lounges, a library, workspace, and two balconies, while you also have access to a private deck with a bar, garden areas, and hot tubs. And, of course, the world at your feet. 

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