Cruise News Princess Cruises Confirmed Coronavirus Infections on Quarantined Cruise Ship Increases to 20

Confirmed Coronavirus Infections on Quarantined Cruise Ship Increases to 20

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There are now 20 people who have been infected by the deadly Coronavirus on the quarantined cruise ship in Japan.

Infections on Quarantined Cruise Ship Increases

It has now been confirmed that a total of 20 people have been infected with the deadly Coronavirus on the quarantined Princess cruise ship in Japan. An additional 10 people onboard were tested positive for the virus which increases the total.

The Japanese authorities have taken the passengers for further medical attention on land. This occurred when the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked to take on supplies while under the 14-day quarantine. 9 passengers and 1 crew member had already got infected with the virus and transported to hospitals in Japan days ago.

Coronavirus Cruise Coverage

The Health Ministry in Japan still has more test results to come back as everyone onboard the large vessel remains in their cabins with crew members delivering food to the door. The outbreak on the Diamond Princess started from a Hong Kong man who embarked the vessel on January 20, he later disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25 but later took himself to hospital with Coronavirus symptoms and he was eventually tested positive.

The man has led to 20 more people with Coronavirus from the ship which just shows how easily this can spread. So far there are more than 28,000 infections around the world and at least 560 deaths.

Princess Cruises has canceled the following sailings for the quarantined cruise ship departing Japan on February 4 and February 12. guests booked on the sailings even further ahead should check with the cruise line for official updates. The virus is also causing issues for travel all across Asia and beyond.

There are more 2,888 onboard the vessel and the cruise line os providing free internet and telephone service so everyone can keep in touch with worries family members back home.

Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

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Diamond Princess Cruise Ship
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