Celebrity Cruises Launches World’s First Metaverse Cruise Ship

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Celebrity Cruises has launched a virtual experience called “Wonderverse” that allows guests to explore a digital version of their newest ship, Celebrity Beyond, and interact with designers and even Captain Kate McCue as digital avatars. 

The experience features the ship’s signature spaces and moments, such as the Martini Bar Flair Show, and allows guests to visit top destinations that Celebrity sails to. The Wonderverse will provide feature guests with a great insight into what they can expect from their cruise onboard Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity Cruises Enters The Metaverse

In what the cruise line calls its own experience in the Metaverse, Celebrity Cruises has launched a brand-new digital ship experience tool where guests can fully immerse themselves in the Celebrity cruise experience. Called the Wonderverse, the new experience launched today, December 14, 2022. 

Website visitors can explore and book vacation itineraries, learn more about how the ship was designed by chatting with interior designer Nate Berkus, talk to ground-breaking Captain Kate McCue, or even interact with President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo.

Exploring a ship before sailing has always been possible through 360° imagery and videos; however, the Wonderverse will let guests ‘see before they sail’ with a hyper-realistic, digital recreation of Celebrity Beyond.

“Celebrity Beyond is the newest, most luxurious, and most innovative ship in our fleet, and I can’t think of a better ship to showcase its state-of-the-art design than in our state-of-the-art Wonderverse,” said Lutoff-Perlo. 

“Celebrity has always been at the forefront of consumer desires, literally creating resorts at sea with the design of our ships and the onboard experiences offered; and now we’re bringing this to life in new ways to inspire and connect with travelers.”

Celebrity Metaverse Cruise Ship
Image Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises

Before experiencing the Wonderverse, visitors will need to create an account on the Wonderverse website. Once logged in, the Wonderverse starts with a game driving the ship’s tender to Celebrity Beyond. After that, guests can visit everything onboard through a game-play type exploration.  

Enabling Guests to Explore The Entire Cruise Experience

The Wonderverse will give guests the opportunity to make a digital visit to all the fantastic spaces onboard Celebrity Beyond, such as the Magic Carpet, the Grand Plaza, and the Resort Deck.

However, the experience goes much further than that. Guests can also visit some of the areas that the Celebrity ships sail to, such as Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier in Alaska, St. Lucia in the Caribbean, Santorini in Europe, and Tokyo, Japan.

“We’ve revolutionized cruise ship design, and now we’re revolutionizing where cruise ships are experienced,” said Celebrity Cruises’ Chief Marketing Officer Michael Scheiner. 

“The Wonderverse allows us to unlock and bring to life the richness and fullness of the Celebrity experience in really exciting ways we can’t do through traditional marketing and advertising vehicles. We believe this has opportunities to expand even further, creating experiences our consumers are looking for.”

Celebrity Metaverse Cruise Ship
Image Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises

The Wonderverse was built in cooperation with virtual event platform architects Surreal Events. The experience is complete with mini-games and activities, entertainment, easter eggs, and much more. 

The Wonderverse is an excellent digital experience that will help many people decide if and how to cruise, but it also provides a platform for cruisers to interact with each other digitally and share experiences even before they sail onboard Celebrity Beyond.

The largest of the Edge-class vessels, Celebrity Beyond is 140,600 gross tons and can welcome 3,260 guests, with 1,400 international crew members. Onboard guests can enjoy a variety of 32 bars and restaurants and multiple never-seen-before design features that propelled the Edge-class ships to the Time Magazine ‘World’s Greatest places’ list. Simone Biles became the official Godmother to the new Celebrity Beyond cruise ship during the naming ceremony in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on November 4, 2022.

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