40 Celebrity Cruise Tips and Tricks

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When looking for a cruise line that offers unique itineraries, Celebrity Cruises always comes to mind. This line tours the seven continents of the world and is one of the best ways to experience different destinations and cultures. So we’ve put together all of the Celebrity cruise tips and tricks to make sure you are fully prepared for your cruise vacation.

Here are 40 insider tips and tricks that will make your cruise with Celebrity Cruises all the more worthwhile.

Embarkation Tips

Here are some tips for your first day onboard a Celebrity Cruise ship.

1. Do an Online Check-In

It might not be known to most cruisers, but most port authorities require cruise lines to submit ship manifests 60 minutes prior to setting sail. That’s why it’s so important to adhere to the cruise’s request to do an online check in early in advance.

Not only that but performing this simple exercise at least a few days in advance also assures you get important things such as luggage tags early and also helps you board the ship much faster.

2. Board Early

Experienced cruisers know it’s always best to arrive early on embarkation day. Arriving early means you get cleared to board earlier. This early boarding affords you the chance to explore the ship before it gets crowded.

This is one of the most important things you can do on your first day on the cruise. It will help you to quickly familiarize yourself with the new home away from home. And also helps you figure out what you want to do, and when.

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If you love discovering secret private spots on the ship. Boarding early will help you discover secret observation decks that are perfect for privacy.  Something you would have completely missed otherwise.

3. Make Reservations for Specialty Restaurants

If you miss the chance to book specialty restaurants in advance then boarding early will give you a chance to do so. You can head to guest relations on embarkation day and make dining reservations. The earlier you do this the better, popular specialty restaurants fill up pretty fast.

4. Skip the Elevators

Expect to find lots of people trying to access the elevators at the same time on the first day of the cruise. As such the elevator service is normally slow in such times. That’s why you should skip the elevator and try the stairs. Take advantage of this exercise to explore different decks, while at it.

5. Try Out Specialty Restaurants

Most Specialty restaurants on Celebrity cruises offer discounted dining on the first night of the cruise. Take advantage of this open, discounted dining experience to enjoy unique menus. This also serves as a good way to sample and find out venues you would like to make a return visit to, during your cruise trip.

6. Try the Spa

The spa, just like specialty restaurants, also offers discounted deals on the first day aboard the ship. Save some bucks, by visiting the spa on your first day. Besides, after the travels of the day, this will be a welcomed break.

7. Take a Carry-On Bag

Keep a carry-on or a backpack on you when boarding. Pack essential items you might need for the day and possibly for the next day as well. It will be hours before your luggage is delivered to your room. Packing things such as personal effects, a change of clothing, electronic devices and maybe a swimsuit, will come in handy. This way, you can freshen up and start enjoying your cruise immediately you board even if you don’t have access to your stateroom yet.

Take a look at these carry-on bags from Amazon.

8. Settle into Your Stateroom

Once you have access to your stateroom. Familiarize yourself with it, unpack and get organized. Getting settled on the first day is crucial for saving time for other activities going forth. This is also a good time to meet your stateroom attendant and make any request you might have in advance.

9. Stay Awake

Despite being tired from the day’s activities, especially the traveling. It’s best to stay awake on your first day on the ship. Ensure you attend all the ship’s meetings and inductions. They help you learn important information about the vessel.

Cabin Tips

10. Book a Spa Stateroom for an Extended Vacation Experience

If you are really looking for a relaxing time on your Celebrity Cruise. Then try their aqua spa staterooms. Celebrity has some of the best spas at sea. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art spa facilities by booking a spa cabin. The services offered are excellent and you get exclusive access to the spa area.

You can find everything you need to know about your Celebrity cruise ship spa by clicking here.

11. More Space, More Privacy

If you plan on enjoying your privacy while cruising with a large group, then try Celebrity’s adjoining staterooms. They are good for keeping your group close, without compromising privacy. Staterooms with adjoining balconies are also available. Opening up the balcony partitions allows a larger space to hang out with your group.

You’ll need a closet organizer for all your items!

12. Minimize Sea Sickness

If you or anyone sailing with you are prone to seasickness. Then booking an interior cabin in the lower decks might be a better choice. It’s far from the luxury of a balcony cabin, but it’s also less rocky and more stable for a proper night’s rest.

13. Location of the Cabin Matters

Your cabin’s location really matters. Be wary of booking cabins located directly under or above public areas such as the dining room or pool area. These cabins are noisy and might cause you a bit of discomfort. If you or a companion have mobility issues then booking a cabin near the elevators is a better option. Keep in mind the amenities you love to be close by when selecting a cabin. Check the deck plans of the ship you plan to cruise on, to make informed decisions when booking a cabin.

Please note the earlier you book the better your chances of getting the cabin of your choice.

Beverage and Dining Tips

14. Reserve Early

Reserve specialty venues early in advance. The slots for these restaurants are usually limited. Booking in advance ensures you won’t miss out on your favorite place onboard the ship.

15. Find out the Menu

The dining room menu is pre-planned. Visit guest relations on the first day of the cruise and check out the menu. This way you can plan which days you want to visit the specialty venues and on which days you want to dine in the main dining room. Most cruisers don’t miss out on the themed nights at the MDR.

16. Alcohol Policy

Like most cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises also have a strict beverage policy. You can only bring two 750ml wine bottles onboard a Celebrity cruise ship.  Note, you will be charged a $25 corkage fee to consume these drinks in public areas.

A way around this is to carry a corkscrew and pour yourself a glass of wine in your room. You can order a wine glass to be brought to your stateroom for free. In fact, if you are lucky, you might even pour yourself a glass of wine to take with you to dinner at the main dining room.

17. Free Booze

Take advantage of the free champagne offered during the first day of the cruise. Or the free cocktails offered at art auctions and on themed dining nights such as “Evening Chic”. These are some of the ways you can enjoy some free booze onboard Celebrity Cruise ship.

18. Order Room Service

Feeling tired or lazy? Then sleep in, after all, you are on a vacation. Just beat the breakfast closing times by ordering room service. Tired of the same old MDR or Buffet breakfast then try breakfast from some of the specialty restaurants that offer this service like the Cafe Al Bacio. You will be pleasantly surprised by their enjoyable treats.

19. DIY Room Service

The room service menu is limited at times. So why don’t you do a DIY room service? Go grab your favorite meal and bring it back to your cabin. Or have your leftovers and dessert packed and delivered to your room for free from any of the restaurants.

20. Beverage and Dining Packages

Take advantage of Celebrity’s dining packages. Instead of paying individual prices for al fresco dining at the specialty restaurants, which can be quite expensive. It’s better to purchase a dining and alcohol package. They charge a flat fee for a variety of meals from different venues.

Celebrity Cruise Ship in Port

Port Day Tips

21. Pack a Sandwich or a Snack

While it’s good to try out the local cuisine in your port destinations. Some rides or activities take a long time before lunch is served. You can pack a sandwich or carry a snack to keep the hunger pains away. But this is only if your port of visit allows food to enter.

22. Carry a Drybag

If you are planning on participating in water sports or are tendering to the port of call. You have to consider carrying a dry bag to keep your valuables dry. Accidents happen, and your possessions might fall into the water. Carry a plastic Ziploc bag to keep your valuables dry.

23. Carry Plenty of Sunscreen, a Hat, and Water

Some ports of calls such as those in the Caribbean are extremely hot. Always carry a bottle of water, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Regardless of how the weather looks like, some places are known to have unpredictable weather and it might get blazing hot in a matter of minutes.

Take a look at these super cool travel water bottles from Amazon.

24. Carry an Extra Battery for Your Camera

You would be surprised at just how fast your camera loses its juice. Carry an extra battery for your camera, when you go out for excursions. That way you won’t miss out on any memorable moments.

25. Items that You Shouldn’t Forget in your Backpack

Most port days involve a lot of walking. You will need good walking shoes to ensure your feet are comfortable during the excessive walking. Good water shoes will also come in handy especially when exploring rocky coastlines. A band-aid might come in handy for when a strenuous activity takes a toll on your body causing blisters or a cut or tear e.g. hiking.

A swimsuit might also come in handy even if you don’t plan on going swimming. You never know, you just might change your mind. One thing that will be in plenty are water bodies in vacation destinations, you might be tempted once you see their beauty.

26. Take a Snap of Your Passport

Keep a photo of your passport, it will help prove your citizenship, in case your passport gets lost. Also, find out important information about your embassy in the ports of call. Such details as the locations of their offices or even their telephone numbers come in handy in case an issue arises.

Passport holders from Amazon can be found right here.

27. Research the Port Beforehand

Do a bit of research on your port of call. This way you will learn important information about it, such as the currency used, language spoken and the culture of the place. It’s also the best way to plan what you want to do in those ports before booking excursions. If you are concerned about your safety, this is also a nice way to find out security information about the place.

28. Safety of your Possessions

Mind the safety of your valuables. Carry a proper bag for your planned excursions. A good straddle bag is good for exploring busy port cities.  This way, you can hang it across your body and keep it in sight while exploring. Or you can carry a backpack for more strenuous activities such as hiking. This way your belongings will stay snugly close to you. Importantly, leave any valuables you don’t need on the ship.

Check these travel-friendly valuable pouches for your port of call.

29. Adjust Your Watch to Ship Time

When it comes to excursions, the safest options for new cruisers is to book an excursion with the cruise line. However, cruise excursions are usually overpriced and most cruisers prefer exploring on their own.  If you are one of those people who love DIY excursions, then you must know it’s important to not miss the ship. Adjusting your watch to the ship’s time will help you do that.

Savvy cruisers seek out trusted reputable local tour operators who offer better, customized excursions at cheaper rates.

30. Carry Small Bills

Shopping, eating, moving around are common activities on a port day. Remember to always carry small bills when in port, not only for tipping but also for transactions. Small bills will also prevent you from losing cash by being short-changed.

31. Know Some Local Phrases

Big ports of destinations speak English but this might not be the case in smaller ports. If you plan on doing a bit of exploring on your own, it’s best to learn some local phrases about the place. Common words such as greetings, saying thank you, asking for directions or asking questions in the local language will come in handy.

Health Tips

32. Pack Common Prescription Medicine

While it’s true that you can find a pharmacy in any port of call. You might not find the medicine you are looking for. It’s good to carry common medication, to avoid the hustle of finding a pharmacy/hospital in a foreign land, in case you get sick.

33. Get Cruise Minded

You will be traveling to different places. Therefore, ensure your body and mind are ready to take in all that culture and relaxation. Be well rested before your Celebrity cruise vacation because you might need another cruise once done!

34. Always Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands in the designated wash stations all over the ship. Ships have many people and tend to carry a lot of germs. Keep yourself healthy by washing your hands.

Keep this travel hand sanitizer with you all the time.

Other Celebrity Cruise Tips and Tricks

35. Notify Your Credit Card Company of Your Travels

Notify your credit card issuer of your upcoming cruise trip. Give them the details of your cruise itinerary. This will help you avoid a possible credit card freeze, holds or fraud suspicions. It looks fishy when multiple high dollar transactions are registered in different countries over a short period of time. That’s why your credit card company might suspect your card is stolen and freeze it.

Also remember to carry your credit card company’s contact information, so that you can access their contact information with ease, in case you need to report an issue.

36. Pack a Power Strip

Carry a power strip and a power adapter. You will need the extra power outlets for charging all your electronics. Cabins usually have two power outlets which are not enough for all your charging needs.

Amazon has a collection of power trips just for cruises over here.

37. Switch to Airplane Mode the Minute You Board

International data roaming charges can rack up quite a huge bill. You want to avoid this switch to airplane mode once onboard. Don’t assume you are in the coverage area even if you are just a few yards offshore, you might be surprised to learn otherwise when you receive your data usage bill.

38. Alternatively Get Celebrity’s Internet Package

If you must stay connected to your friends, family or work back home, then take advantage of Celebrity’s internet packages. You pay a fixed daily flat rate in return you get unlimited internet. That helps you stay in touch.

If you don’t carry electronics during your vacation, you can visit one of Celebrity’s iLounge and use the public computers there. Booking certain staterooms, like suites and spa staterooms, comes with perks such as free internet, or beverage packages. You can consider this option as opposed to paying for the internet yourself.

39. Laundry Solutions

Celebrity’s laundry service is almost non-existent or too expensive. Remember to carry laundry solutions such an anti-wrinkle solution, that you can spray to your clothes and steam them in the bathroom. Some soap and bull pegs for hanging your washing out on the balcony to dry. Alternatively, pack enough clothes for longer cruises.

Amazon actually has a load of travel laundry items, take a look here.

40. Pre-Pay Gratuities for Select Dining

Celebrity cruises charge a daily gratuity fee of about $14 to $18 per person depending on your stateroom class. A lump sum amount for the total cruise days is added to your onboard credit account at the end of the cruise. You are free to adjust these gratuities by visiting guest relations.

Insider pro tip has it that prepaying the gratuities gets you the best select dining service. You don’t have to wait in line and get seated.

Do check Celebrity cruise gratuities on the official site because cruise lines are always changing this.

Final Thoughts

Other than the 40 tips mentioned above. Remember to pack for your cruise with the itinerary in mind. Book your cruise early and keep an eye out for discounts and offers.

Always be on the know once onboard the ship, by checking the daily paper regularly. This way you won’t miss interesting activities and or classes that might be life-changing. Try having breakfast in the main dining room once in a while, they offer delicious healthy breakfasts in good portions.

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Remember to be mindful of your fellow cruise passengers. Have common courtesy, don’t book sun loungers for your partner who isn’t planning on showing up until later in the day. Allow someone else to also enjoy the luxury of lying on them in the meantime.

Never shy away from giving the ship’s crew feedback. Celebrity has some of the most responsive staff, if something isn’t working, they will work fast and hard to resolve it.

If cruising on a budget, always be on the lookout to save extra dollars like carpooling while in ports of call. Taking spa deals on port days is also a way to save a few extra bucks. Spa deals are almost always offered on discounts in such days.

When all is said and done, remember to just relax and enjoy your cruise day. Don’t fret if you discover a new tip at the end of your cruise, just keep it for next time. That’s all about Celebrity Cruises from us for now. We wish you an enjoyable cruise vacation. Happy Cruising.

Read these 40 Celebrity cruise tips and tricks if you're planning a cruise vacation with the cruise line.
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