Cruise Ships Are Departing Port Miami, Watch Them All Live

In this live stream, we’ll be able to enjoy a busy day at PortMiami as some mega cruise ships depart for the Caribbean and beyond.

Watch Cruise Ships Depart Port Miami Live

We thought why not give our readers some iconic views of PortMiami with cruise ships departing live

It Can Be Tight When Cruise Ships Sail Through The Panama Canal

In our ever continued commitment to let you know of the best and most interesting cruise videos we’ve come across this recently posted video.

Be Aware The Next Time You’re On A Cozumel Beach!

A Crocodile….yes that’s right, a crocodile was seen strolling down a beach in one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean

The Answer Is Yes, A Wave Can Sweep You Off The Ship

Large wave sweeps two crew members off the ship during stormy conditions.

Shocking Video Shows Ship Pilot Falling Into Water

A new video has been doing the rounds online thanks to the Facebook page Humans At Sea.

Video Footage Captures Magellan Cruise Ship in All Its Glory

Take a look at the video above showing the Magellan cruise ship in all its glory. A drone films the vessel sailing up the North Sea Canal near Amsterdam.

4 Cruise Ships Meeting Up Provides Views Never To Forget

The entire Fred Olsen fleet meet up in July, 2015 as part of a Norwegian celebration in Bergen and this video which the British based cruise line posted is breathtaking.

Cruise Ships Tender Boat Really Struggles Against Strong Waves

The 122 people onboard the cruise ships tender boat must have been extremely worried.