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How To Stay Cool On A Cruise Ship

Cruise Hive has come up with some tips and advice on how to stay cool while on a cruise

Carnival – The Not So Fun Ships?

I was sent a pretty long message about a cruise experience someone had on a Carnival Cruise. I have taken a few cruises on most lines and I have always found Carnival to be my favorite by a long shot.

6 Annoying Things About Cruise Ship Elevators

So let's take a look at some things that can be annoying when it comes to cruise ship elevators

4 Hacks To Get Free Wi-Fi During Your Cruise

There are ways during your cruise vacation to get free wi-fi, here are some hacks so you don't have to pay the expensive cruise line packages and keep in touch with everyone back at home.

10 Reasons Why We Think You Can’t Take A Cruise

Here's a collection of reasons why we think you can't cruise!

Discover Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas

As Anthem of the Seas has arrived at her new home Southampton, UK Cruise Hive will take a look onboard.

3 Carnival Cruise Ships: Then And Now

We'll look at some of those mega liners of their time and the ships that helped grow what has now become the worlds largest cruise company

6 Reasons Not To Take Your Laptop On A Cruise

We'll look at reasons why you shouldn't take your laptop with you on the cruise. just think it could also have an influence on the people cruising with you, trust us we know!

6 Reasons Why You Should Book A Cruise Online

It's true that almost everything is done online now so here are some reasons why you should be booking online with some handy cruise tips that can give you an advantage.