Cruise News

Cruise News

Dead Whale Emerges On Cruise Ship Bow

On Sunday, May 29 a dead fin whale emerged on a Holland America ship bow.

Fathoms Adonia Cruise Ship Experiences Brief Electrical Outage

Carnival Corporations Fathom cruise line has experienced issues with its first and only cruise ship the Adonia.

Carnival Vista Features A New Two Deck Cloud 9 Spa

Carnival Vista continues to impress, the cruise liner continues to show off its most advanced ship, and a two deck spa is worth showing off.

Student Stabbed Onboard Cruise Ship

It's being reported by Blic that a 23-year-old Serbian student named Jovan Spasic was stabbed four times.

Celebrity Cruises Increases Daily Gratuity Rates

The trend continues, Celebrity Cruises becomes the latest cruise line to increase daily gratuity rates.

MSC Cruises Offers Deals For The Summer Season

The cruise liner is taking advantage of the holiday weekend. MSC Cruises recently announced that it would give cruise sales for summer 2016. Will it be enough to intrigue cruise tourist?

Disney Cruise Line Makes First Appearance In Ireland

It's Disney Cruises Lines first time in Ireland. I know that would come as a shock to most people, but the truth is there are many places the cruise liner has never been

Royal Caribbean Expands With 3 Ships In Just 2 Months

The months of April and May could possibly be the busiest ever for Royal Caribbean. In fact I have never reported so much on just one cruise line before!

Empress of the Seas Is Ready To Begin Cruises For Royal Caribbean

Empress of the Seas has completed it's huge multi million renovation and has arrived at its new homeport in Miami, Florida.
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