Category 4 Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael a Major Threat, Cruise Lines Keep Track

As Hurricane Michael begins to pound the Florida panhandle cruise lines are monitoring developments. There could be further impacts to ship itineraries and ports as the storm continues north through the U.S. east coast.
Carnival Horizon Weather

Carnival Cruise Ship Itineraries Altered as Hurricane Michael Intensifies

Hurricane Michael continues to intensify as it moves north through the Gulf of Mexico straight for the Florida panhandle.
Caribbean Hurricane Storm

Hurricane Michael Begins Impacting Cruise Ship Itineraries

Hurricane Michael is forming in the Western Caribbean and is gaining strength as the storm moves into the Gulf of Mexico.
Cruise Ship Storm

Tropical Storm Michael Forms in the Western Caribbean

Tropical Storm Michael has formed in the western Caribbean and is a cause for concern for thousands of cruise passengers.
Beach Storm

Tropical Storm Kirk Heads Straight for the Eastern Caribbean

Tropical Storm Kirk has redeveloped and is heading towards the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean.
Carnival Cruise Ships

Latest Carnival Cruise Ship Hurricane and Storm Updates

Carnival Cruise Line is monitoring all the active storms in the Atlantic and the Caribbean right now including the major category 4 Hurricane Florence.
Hurricane Florence Track

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship to Overnight in Port Due to Hurricane Florence

Royal Caribbean has only had one ship so far affected by Hurricane Florence which includes an overnight.
Carnival Vista Cruise Deals

Hurricane Isaac Forces Carnival Cruise Ship to Change Itinerary

Hurricane Isaac is heading towards the eastern Caribbean and at least one Carnival cruise ship has now been forced to change itinerary.
Carnival Dream Cruise Ship Docked

Cruise Lines Keep Ships Away From Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Right now major cruise lines are keeping their ships away from Tropical Storm Florence which is set to become a major Hurricane in the Atlantic and Hurricane Olivia in the Pacific.