Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Has Another Holiday-Class Cruise Ship Been Sold for Scrap?

The Magellan cruise ship that has previously sailed for Cruise & Maritime Voyages and Carnival Cruise Line has reportedly been sold for scrap.

MS Marco Polo Reaches the End and Beached in India

The iconic MS Marco Polo cruise ship has been beached at the ship-breaking facility in Alang, India. Former part of Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

Iconic Cruise Ship Marco Polo To Be Scrapped

One of the oldest cruise ships in the world has been designated to be scrapped. Former Cruise and Maritime Voyages liner MS Marco Polo sets a course to the shipbreaking yard in Alang, India.

Another Cruise Ship is Beached for Scrapping in Turkey

Another cruise ship has been beached at the Aliaga ship breaking facility in Turkey.

Another Cruise Ship Heads for the Aliaga Scrapyard

MS Astor is heading toward the scrapyard at Aliaga, Turkey after being sold for scrap.

Former Holiday-Class Carnival Cruise Ship Put Up for Auction

A former Carnival cruise ship which was known as the Holiday has been put up for auction after Cruise & Maritime Voyages went out of business.

Largest Cruise Line So Far Closes Down Due to the Suspension of Operations

Cruise & Maritime Voyages becomes the largest cruise line so far to close down due to the suspension of operations and the global health crisis.

British Cruise Line Extends Suspension Towards End of August

The British-based Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) has extended its pause on cruise operations towards the end of August 2020.