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Major Carnival Cruise Line Ship Updates

Carnival Cruise Line has announced some major updates today including Carnival Radiance's transformation being delayed until Spring 2021.

Carnival’s New Mardi Gras Cruise Ship Delayed Until February 2021

Carnival Cruise Line has revealed that the new Mardi Gras cruise ship won't be arriving until February 2021, all cruises until then are cancelled.

Carnival Cruise Ship Rescues Small Boat in the Bahamas

The Carnival Legend cruise ship came to the rescue of a small boat in the Bahamas which had run out of fuel.

Here Are Five Carnival Cruise Ships That Might Be Sold Soon

These are the Carnival cruise ships that might be sold soon due to the impact of the suspension of cruise operations.

Carnival Cruise Line Cancels Sailings in North America Through September 30

As a result of the announcement by CLIA last week, Carnival Cruise Line has cancelled all cruises in North America through September 30, 2020.

Carnival Cruise Line to Make Announcement on Monday Concerning Further Cancellations

The CLIA has announced further cancellations from U.S. ports until September 15 and Carnival Cruise Line will provide an update on Monday.

Carnival Will Dispose of Six Cruise Ships in the Next 90 Days

Carnival which owns nine cruise brands around the world has revealed it will be disposing of six cruise ships in the next 90 days.

Latest Photos Released of New Carnival Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral has released new photos of the new Carnival Cruise Line terminal during a tour by cruise line representatives.

Carnival Cruise Line to Complete Repatriation of Over 26,000 Crew Members

Carnival Cruise Line completed a cross-country transfer in Panama as it expects to complete the repatriation of over 26,000 crew members in the coming weeks.