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Aidaprima Is Set Loose From The Construction Dock

Aidaprima which is currently being constructed at the Mitsubishi shipyard in Japan has been set loose from the build dock to continue the final phases of construction.

Second New Generation Cruise Ship Under Construction In Japan

One of Aida Cruises upcoming cruise ships is currently under construction in Japan. Take a look at this glorious video that shows the large vessel at the shipyard.

Four Large New Generation Cruise Ships To Be Built For Carnival Corporation

Carnival Corporation has announced that an agreement has been finalised with the German shipbuilder Meyer werft to build four new generation cruise ships.

Aidaprima Gets Her Lips At Japanese Shipyard

German based Aida Cruises upcoming cruise ship Aidaprima has got her lips while under construction at a Japanese shipyard.

Stunning Time-Lapse of Aida Cruises Next Ship Under Construction

Is Europe ready for another huge brand new class cruise ship? Well there's no choice as Aida Cruises upcoming Aidaprima will become the cruise lines largest and most innovative yet.

Upcoming German Mega Ship Aidaprima Reveals Onboard Features

The cruise ship that is being purpose-built for German cruise line Aida Cruises has let the world know about its upcoming onboard features.

German Cruise Ship Departing Israel Attacked By Rocket

German news outlets have been reporting that a rocket has attacked the German cruise ship Aidadiva yesterday. The large 60,203 ton cruise ship which is...

New Generation Cruise Ship Aidaprima Floats On Water For First Time

German based Aida Cruises upcoming cruise ship the Aidaprima has been floated out on water for the very first time at the Tategami Plant of...

Two Aida Cruise Ships To Homeport In Tampa

The Tampa Port Authority has announced that two Aida cruise ships will use Tampa as a homeport. In 2014-2015 the Aidavita will be the...