Carnival’s First Chinese-Made Cruise Ship Floats Out

Carnival's first Chinese-built cruise ship float out onto the water for the very first time, a major construction milestone.

After rigorous dock tests, the first-ever Chinese-made cruise ship, Adora Magic City, has just completed its float-out at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co.

Adora Magic City: China’s Pride and Joy

The highly anticipated 135,500-ton Adora Magic City, the first-ever Chinese-built large cruise ship, has just achieved a very significant milestone. 

CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping Ltd. announced on June 6, 2023, that the cruise vessel—after undergoing a comprehensive battery of thorough tests within the dock—has completed its float-out at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. without a hitch.

The next step for Adora Magic City is to embark on a series of sea trials, marking another important phase in the ship’s ocean-going journey.

With the final delivery of the cruise liner slated for some time toward the end of 2023, anticipation among the Chinese-based cruise holiday enthusiast crowd seems to be mounting.

Adora Magic City Float Out
Adora Magic City Float Out

“Building large cruise ships is a tremendous breakthrough in China’s shipbuilding industry and a demonstration of the country’s high-end equipment construction capabilities and comprehensive scientific and technological level,” Managing Director of CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping Limited Chen Rangfeng explained.

“As the first large cruise ship built in China,” Chen continued, “Adora Magic City showcases our commitment to providing an innovative and premium cruise experience. We look forward to welcoming our guests on board and creating unforgettable memories together.”

Adora Magic City boasts some impressive dimensions as well, measuring 323.6 meters (1062 feet) in length and coming in at a substantial 135,500 tons. This roomy vessel will offer its guests ample space to roam around and will be able to accommodate up to 5,246 passengers.

Once construction is completed, Adora Magic City will see Shanghai act as its homeport for its inaugural season. The vessel is then scheduled to visit neighboring countries in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia on mid-to-long haul routes.

One planned route is the “Maritime Silk Road,” which will offer travelers the opportunity to explore different destinations located along and related to this ancient, historic trade route.

Adora Magic City Perks and Innovations

The Adora Magic City is an impressive cruise ship that will blend Eastern and Western influences together, creating a captivating “city” at sea. With a balanced mix of traditional elegance and modern flair, guests should prepare themselves for an immersive and exhilarating adventure on the high seas.

Adora Cruises
Image Courtesy: CSSC Carnival Cruise Company

Here are a few of the most notable features (announced so far) Adora Magic City will have in store for its passengers:

  • The largest duty-free retail space at sea, set up in collaboration with China Duty-Free Group.
  • Adora Magic City will introduce the first live comedy theater at sea (in China), created in collaboration with Mahua FunAge.
  • The vessel will be the first 5G-enabled cruise ship on the ocean today. This 5G-enabled technology has come through a partnership with Shanghai Telecom, ensuring seamless connectivity for the ship’s guests.
  • Adora Magic City will present a captivating modern production entitled “Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale” in collaboration with Selection International Entertainment.
  • The vessel will also offer the groundbreaking “AI-STEAM Exploration Camp at Sea” in partnership with the Chinese educational company Bloks, offering passengers—especially children—an unprecedented educational and creative experience at sea.

Adora Magic City is planning to introduce even more programs, cool technology, and activities for guests once the ship finally begins to set sail. Passengers will be treated to luxury, innovation, and lots of fun during their voyages aboard Adora Magic City.


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