Carnival’s Adora Cruises Unveils New Theatrical Production

Carnival's Adora Cruises, will debut a new production show for its first Chinese-built cruise ship, arriving before the end of 2023.

Carnival’s Adora Cruises, in partnership with Selection International Entertainment, a globally recognized creative production house, has created a modern production entitled “Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale.” 

This original stage show will be performed aboard Adora Cruises’ first-ever Chinese-built 5G large cruising vessel, which will clock in at 135,500 tons.

Adora Cruises Announces “Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale”

“Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale,” is being advertised as a mesmerizing show that will enchant passengers, young and old alike, with its awe-inspiring performances. The production has been designed and choreographed to offer guests a fascinating glimpse into the storied heritage of the ancient Silk Road.

The show will be held aboard Adora Cruises’ inaugural Chinese-made ship (first floated back in Dec. 2021), which will become part of the firm’s burgeoning fleet of cruise ships centered around the growing Chinese cruising market.

Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale
Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale

“Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story” will take place inside the ship’s Metropol Theater, with a seating capacity of approximately 1000 guests.

One of the main stars of the performance, of course, will be the historical character of Marco Polo. The story will follow the Venetian adventurer’s journeys along the historic Silk Road, on his way to China; expect a tale about expeditions full of courage, hardship, and love (hence the title).

Adora Cruises’ Chinese-Focused Market

This elaborate production is being touted as a one-of-a-kind theatrical extravaganza, specially designed with Chinese audiences in mind.

“Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale” is set to transport spectators back in time, taking them on a mesmerizing odyssey through the annals of history, weaving together a tapestry of sight and sound, different melodies, awe-inspiring visual compositions, live vocals, colorful international costumes, and more.

Adora Cruises
Image Courtesy: CSSC Carnival Cruise Company

Adora Cruises’ first-ever 135,500 GT cruise ship’s maiden voyage, which has been tailored, as previously mentioned, to cater to the growing number of discerning Chinese clientele interested in ship-based holidays, will be an important milestone for the company.

With plans to set sail by the close of this year, 2023, this new Chinese-made vessel is just the beginning for Adora Cruises.

The company is currently in the design and building phase of a second ship for its fleet, a larger 142,000-ton Vista-class ship, set to hit the open oceans sometime in 2024.

Adora’s inaugural cruise ship has already been designed to impress customers, featuring the largest retail shopping center aboard any ship at sea. The theme for these initial cruises will be “A Voyage in Love,” and will feature gourmet Chinese and international gastronomy, top-notch shows, plus live entertainment for passengers to enjoy.


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