Carnival Victory is Testing a New Port Day Breakfast Dining Room Menu

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It is always good to see cruise lines test and improve their menus and Carnival is testing a new breakfast menu for the dining room.

Carnival Cruise Line is testing a new breakfast dining room menu onboard Carnival Victory. For now, the menu is only being used on Carnival Victory but if successful could be rolled out fleet wide. The breakfast menu is only for Port Days and as posted by Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John Heald the breakfast menu does not replace the Sea Day Brunch menu.

We know what you’re thinking! What’s on the menu and where can I take a look?

See below a nice shiny new Breakfast menu for Port Days:

The menu offers a full range of breakfast choices which can be enjoyed by guests in the dining room on port day mornings. The menu includes morning pastries & griddle, a range of egg choices, fruits, juices, grains and a bunch of light side dishes.

We’ll keep Cruise Hive readers informed if the menu rolls out to other ships.

Port Day Dining Room Breakfast Menu, Carnival Cruise Line

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Port Day Dining Room Breakfast Menu, Carnival Cruise Line
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