Some good news about Carnival Cruise Line yesterday as the Carnival Valor cruise ship rescued five people from a small craft near the popular Caribbean island of St Marten.

The pleasure craft was in trouble in inclement water but thanks to the Valor the sailors were safely brought onboard but two deck officers did sustain minor contusions. The officers on Carnival ships are usually Italian but it’s not known for sure if the offices involved were. Once the sailors of the small craft were onboard the ships Medical staff checked them over and provided food and water.

At the time the Carnival Valor was sailing towards St Maarten for a scheduled stop and the cruise line hasn’t announced any delay in the itinerary so everything should be as normal. The ship is at the end of its week-long Caribbean cruise which departed from San Juan on December 15th.

Great know the mariners from the small craft are ok, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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