Carnival – The Not So Fun Ships?

I was sent a pretty long message about a cruise experience someone had on a Carnival Cruise. I have taken a few cruises on most lines and I have always found Carnival to be my favorite by a long shot. I always have the most fun on a Carnival ship and meet some of the best people that I am still friends with today. I also love the smaller ships that Carnival has, do I wish that had and Oasis size ship? Sure I do, but for now they have just what they need. Carnival has been in the business for years and knows what they need to do and when to do it to make customers happy. This cruiser on the other hand hated just about everything Carnival did and offered. Read on to see some their experiences.

First, this cruise was absolutely no fun. I would say that out of the 4 ½ days that we spent on this ship, the crew entertained us for a total of 6 hours. The activities were a complete joke, totally outdated. I am glad that I know how to make my own fun. I participated and volunteered in almost all of the activities only to leave them “going what the F**K”.

How was it no fun? If you weren’t having fun why did you volunteer for all the programs? Did you do it just to make the suck because you really didn’t want to have fun?

No one on this ship treated us special at all. Like I said, I participated in everything and the activity leader Greg didn’t even know my name by the end of the cruise. Hell, he was so disgusted himself I think at the activities because he tried to cut them all short.

Really? Again with the “I Participated in everything” If you didn’t like them why did you get involved? I think Greg was cutting them short because you were making them suck because you just didn’t want to have “FUN”

Also, was shocked to see crew members just standing around doing nothing, hanging out with there boyfriends/girlfriends, in the clubs getting drunk and making fools of themselves on the dance floor.

OMG Crew having fun on their time off? They can’t have fun when they are off the clock? You must really be the Antifun guy.

Food was absolutely horrible, and the captains dinner “Formal” was a complete joke. Didn’t matter where you ate, buffet or dinning room, it all sucked and sadly the dinning room food sucked worst of all.

I have never had any bad experiences with the food aboard a Carnival ship, not to say it hasn’t happened but there is no WAY the food was bad everyday of the cruise everywhere you went.

Our room steward Ardica did provide the service we expected, but forgot our names by the second day. We tipped him very well at the end of the cruise though I wasn’t sure we should have tipped him as much as we did. I loved having the animal towels made up on my bed everyday, guess that’s what did it for me.

Someone that has about 20 rooms to care for and lets say 2 guest per room so that makes a rough total of 40 names to remember forgot you name? I am sorry but she’s only human.

Seemed to me that if you were GAY in anyway was the only way to get some activities out of the ship and friendly service, I didn’t book a FoD cruise so I don’t know why they had activities scheduled for them everyday.

So it sounds to me you are antigay so you refused to have fun. Why else would you post a comment like that? This has always been common practice on every cruise line I have sailed.

I Have to say I really disagree with EVERYTHING about this. I have never been treated poorly on any Carnival ship and have always found there to be way more to do than I have time for. I really feel like he had a stick up his but the entire cruise and expected Carnivals staff to carry him around on a Litter like a king.

What is YOUR experience with onboard a Carnival Ship? Do you think they are the not so fun ships?

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