Carnival Making Favorite Dinner Available on More Cruises

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Carnival Cruise Line has made a lot of dining changes recently, from revamping main dining room menus to upgrading and expanding vegetarian and vegan options to “omelette-gate” drama. Now, guests will be able to enjoy one of the cruise line’s favorite classic entrees on a wider variety of cruises.

Yes, cruise foodies, Beef Wellington is returning and will now be offered on many more sailings instead of just the line’s longest itineraries.

Carnival Cruise Line Brings Back Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a favorite entrée for many Carnival Cruise Line guests, but for several years it has been only available on cruise itineraries that are at least eight nights. Now, the cruise line’s brand ambassador, John Heald, has confirmed that Beef Wellington will soon be returning to some shorter cruises.

The reveal comes as Heald has commented on guests sharing their favorite menu items via his Facebook page. Beef Wellington was a popular choice as a much-anticipated dinner selection.

“One favorite for sure is the Beef Wellington,” Heald commented. “Previously only available on cruises of 8 days or more my friend and our senior beard of food and beverage Richard has made [Beef Wellington] available on 7 day cruises as well, starting very, very soon.”

There is no exact date for the delicious entrée to be made a menu staple on 7-night itineraries, and certainly, menu options will vary on different ships based on available supplies.

Carnival Cruise Line Dish

Carnival Cruise Line’s “Classic Beef Wellington” is described on the menu as “beef filet wrapped in puff pastry” accompanied by “sweet and sour brussels sprout and mushroom Madeira sauce.” Exact accompaniments may vary on different ships and could also include different vegetables or potatoes.

In addition to being offered on longer sailings, Beef Wellington is occasionally also featured as part of the Chef’s Table menu. The dish may also be part of special gala menus for holidays or throwback celebrations that highlight classic favorites that have been part of Carnival Cruise Line’s menus for many years.

Recent Food Changes

Carnival Cruise Line has been at the center of several food concerns and dining changes in recent months. For example, just days ago the retirement of the Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast was announced. The popular character-themed meal will be replaced with a new Thing 1 & Thing 2 Birthday Breakfast with a slightly different menu and higher prices.

Guests on various Carnival ships have also recently spotted potential changes to the wildly popular Melting Chocolate Cake, the cruise line’s signature dessert, with different dishes being used to serve the decadent treat. Changes in presentation could also impact how the dessert is baked, dramatically changing its overall texture.

Carnival's Emeril Lagasse and Chefs
Carnival’s Emeril Lagasse and Chefs

In the past year, the cruise line has also greatly expanded vegan options available fleetwide, as well as begun offering more vegetarian selections onboard.

It is not unusual for cruise lines to continually tweak menus and offer new dishes for a limited time. These trials are often field tests about a new menu item’s popularity before rolling it out to a full fleet, or can be temporary adjustments based on available supplies.

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In striving to always offer the freshest options, it is also common for cruise lines to focus on locally-sourced menus. This can create dramatic menu changes when a ship may reposition to different sailing regions, such as moving to the Caribbean for the winter season after spending the summer in the Mediterranean or Alaska.

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