Carnival Liberty Still In St. Thomas After Engine Room Fire

After an engine room fire onboard Carnival Liberty on Monday the ship is still docked in St Thomas with passengers.

An engine room fire onboard the Carnival Liberty on Monday (September 7th) didn’t cause any injuries and was extinguished by the ship’s automated suppression system. The passengers were evacuated to a local hotel in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands where the crew provided plenty of refreshments. Later on in the day from around 5 p.m. the crew were allowed to go back onboard to prepare for the evening’s services. Later passengers were also allowed on the ship. Carnival handled the situation very well and still continues to keep everyone updated via social media. The problem now is that the ship is still docked in St. Thomas a day after with no word on departure time.

Carnival stated:

A team of experts has been conducting a deeper technical assessment of the affected engine area and working with various authorities including U.S. Coast Guard and the vessel’s flag state. While this process is ongoing, the ship remains alongside in St. Thomas. Guests are able to spend the day ashore if they wish and the company is providing complimentary shuttle service to popular areas on the island along with a $150 per person shipboard credit. We apologize to our guests for the inconvenience and appreciate their patience.

St Thomas is a great port to be stuck in but now the entire cruise could be at risk of being cancelled. The cruise line and authorities are checking the damage made by the fire outbreak and no word yet on when or if the Carnival Liberty will set sail to continue on its seven-day Caribbean cruise. Cruise Hive will keep an eye the situation.


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