Carnival Cruise Ship Passenger Caught Sitting on Balcony Railing

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Security officers onboard a cruise ship averted a severe incident this week, as they were forced to pull a lady off the balcony railing. In videos posted on online, the Carnival cruise ship passenger is seen with one leg over the railing and one on the balcony. 

The perilous situation caused concern for guests onboard a cruise ship docked on the other side of the port while a man in the neighboring cabin was seen trying to convince the woman to return to safety.

Online reports state that the ship involved is a Carnival Cruise Line ship, likely in Mexico, as the vessel is flying the Mexican flag.

Woman Pulls Dangerous Stunt Onboard Cruise Ship

Several videos posted on social media show a passenger onboard the Carnival cruise ship hanging over the side of the railing with one leg while balancing on the railing itself. 

A guest in the neighboring cabin is seen trying to talk the woman out of the dangerous position, while security is seen on upper decks trying to locate the cabin the lady is staying in.

Why the lady was in the position in the first place is unknown. However, she seems highly emotional while swaying back and forth during the video.

The video was posted by Christina Reynolds, which you can watch below:

Towards the end of the video, the lady can be seen reacting angrily to people onboard a second cruise ship docked in the same port. At that point, the camera pans away, and when it returns, we see that security officers have arrived on the scene and have pulled the lady off the balcony railing. 

Whether suffering from an emotional situation or alcohol was involved, one thing is sure. The situation could have ended horribly for the guest. Just weeks ago, a guest died onboard a german cruise ship after a fall from his balcony. 

Besides the possible severe consequences for the guests, such situations are also very upsetting for the crew members working onboard. Whether or not the lady realized what she was doing, we can thank the guests that called security and the security officers themselves for rescuing her. 

What are the Consequences?

A situation involving a guest performing an extremely dangerous act is something that cruise ships take very seriously. Carnival Cruise Line, in particular, has strict rules and regulations involving risky behavior onboard. First of all, the cruise line will want to determine why the lady was on the balcony.

If the reason is emotional distress, and she wanted to harm herself, then the Captain would likely detain her in her cabin or the medical center with a doctor or nurse watching over her until the authorities arrive. 

The situation is very different if the guest is, for example, intoxicated and sitting on the balcony ‘for fun.’ In this case, not only will the guest be dismissed from the vessel as early as possible, but she will also be banned from every sailing again. it’s also important to know that Carnival vessels do have a brig, where guests could be detained in.

Carnival Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Debbie Ann Powell / Shutterstock

The cruise line would likely also call the police, and any costs will also be put towards her. This can involve late-departure fees in the port, fines from local authorities, and even fines from Carnival Cruise Line. 

Carnival Cruise Line recently started using a fine system for any guests who cannot behave themselves onboard a cruise ship. Guests may be charged $500 plus related costs if they violate the cruise line’s code of conduct.

“Any violation of our Code of Conduct may result in a fine of $500 and reimbursement of expenses incurred by Carnival as a result of the detainment or disembarkation,” the policy now reads.

If the guest is disembarked in a foreign port, they are responsible for finding their own way back, with the cruise line taking no more responsibility for them. With the many incidents that have taken place onboard cruise ships in recent months, many people have applauded Carnival for taking a much stricter stance toward these types of behaviors. 

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