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Carnival Cruise Line’s Onboard Credit Sale Ending Soon

We know you love cruising and if you’re thinking about a Carnival cruise then this might be a deal worth taking advantage of.

Carnival Cruise Line is running its Onboard Credit Sale where cruisers can get great rates along with a $50 onboard credit on select sailing through Summer 2017. The offer has been running since April 24, 2017 but you only have until April 30, 2017, until it ends.

Rates on this Carnival sale start from as low as $349 for 3 – 5-day cruises and $689 for 6-day and above cruises. The onboard credit can be used on the ship on a per room basis, it can be spent at the bars, in the gift shops or just about anywhere else. The Sail & Sign account can be used to make purchases onboard and it can be tracked using the Carnival Hubb app or in the stateroom.

The cruise lines month long Springtime Funtime Sale will also be ending on the same day. This sale which we previously did a post on offers rates on 2-5 day itineraries starting from $289 and 6 or more day cruises starting from $529.

As usually, you’ll need to check the term and conditions for these offer with Carnival but we do hope you can get a great deal for your next cruise. Readers can also get the best cruise prince drops which are constantly updated. For tips on getting the best cruise deals, you can take a look at 7 Tips on Getting the Best Cruise Deal.

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