Carnival Cruise Line Update on Sailings for Bermuda and Spain

Carnival Cruise Line provides another update for guests booked on select Bermuda sailings and cruise departures from Spain.

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As if a cruise was not expensive enough in this day and age, the Government of Bermuda has added a new charge for guests that would like to get off the ship during a cruise ship call at the island.

Although guests already pay significant amounts of money in port fees, guests will now also be required to pay for a Travel Authorization to access the island. 

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Carnival has cleared up the confusion regarding testing for fully vaccinated travelers, saying there is no need to be tested twice if fully vaccinated. 

Bermuda Adds More Costs

Besides all the extra costs of taking a cruise, such as flights and other transportation methods, hotel overnights, gratuities, and port fees, Bermuda has added another cost.

Although guests already pay a lot of money in port fees, guests visiting the island will also be required to fill in and pay the Travel Authorization at $40 per person. 

Carnival Magic New Livery
Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

This applies for sailings onboard Carnival Legend on May 22 and Carnival Magic on May 26. According to brand ambassador John Heald, failure to complete the Travel Authorization for Bermuda could result in a disappointing visit to the island for guests:

“If you are going ashore in Bermuda you must please complete this. If you don’t and you try and go off the ship the authorities will not allow it. I am so sorry and this is of course beyond the control of the cruise industry at the moment. Please then make sure that every guest on these cruises completes the form.”

Bermuda’s port fees are set at $60 per person per day. If guests want to go ashore, this could run up to $100 per person. Guests are encouraged to apply for their Travel Authorization at least 24hrs before the day of departure but no more than one month before traveling.

Even in Bermuda, the Travel Authorisation is receiving a lot of negative feedback, with some calling it a stealth tax. 

Bermuda’s shadow health minister, Michael Dunkley: “Over the past week I have been contacted repeatedly by travellers who have experienced issues. While we appreciate the work of all involved in the process, it is time the Travel Authorisation form is eliminated.”

“It has served its purpose and now as we learn to live with Covid, we need to get back to a more normal life and remove what is now a hassle in travel and a possible drawback or disincentive for travelers to the island.”

And while Bermuda is adding costs to the cruise, Spain is clearing up some measures, with COVID-19 requirements continuing to change nearly constantly in Europe

No Double Testing In Barcelona

Guests sailing from Barcelona onboard Carnival Pride on May 8, 19, and 29 do not have to be tested double if they are fully vaccinated. Confusion arose this week when it seemed that Carnival guests would need to take a second test in the terminal before boarding the ship.

Carnival Pride Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Anya Douglas / Shutterstock

This test would have been on top of the pre-cruise covid test required by the Spanish government. Fully vaccinated guests only have to show the pre-cruise test. The double test requirement is only for guests who have not been fully vaccinated, primarily kids at this time. 

While the cruise industry itself has returned to normal for the most part, and in most countries worldwide it seems that COVID is a bad memory, some countries still feel the need to make travel a little more complicated. 

The additional costs of travel these days, together with ever-changing rules and regulations, are not making the journey any easier on those eager to explore. 


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