Carnival Cruise Line to Support Bahamas After Hurricane Devastation

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Carnival Cruise Line has pledged to support in rebuilding the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian has caused widespread devastation.

Carnival Cruise Line Will Help the Bahamas

After the most powerful Hurricane to ever made landfall in the Bahamas and cause widespread devastation the islands will be supported not just by Carnival Cruise Line but all Carnival Corporation-owned cruise lines t help in the recovery effort.

Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald Stated:

“To our friends in The Bahamas, please know you will not be alone in your effort.  All of us at Carnival Corporation pledge to work with you. We have been and remain in constant contact with government officials as they determine the highest priorities for both the short term and long term.”

Carnival Cruise Line is one of the leading operated in the Bahamas to ports such as Nassau and Freeport, with the latter being heavily impacted by Hurricane Dorian on Grand Bahama Island. The cruise line has said cruise ships will return to the ports as soon as they are ready to receive guests and remains committed in the future Grand Bahama port development project which will help rebuild the island.

Carnival is also looking at how it can help the important Grand Bahama Shipyard and its employees which is just across the way from where cruise ships usually dock in Freeport. The shipyard is used a lot for Carnival ship dry docks.

Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line, said:

“Our hearts go out to our Bahamian family at this difficult time. We have been in close communication with government officials throughout the weekend and stand ready to provide humanitarian and economic assistance.”

“Our focus will be on the priorities as established by government and emergency relief officials.”

Hurricane Dorian has been pounding the Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas for around 30 hours after first hitting Abaco island to the east as a category 5 185 MPH Hurricane. That strength continued as it moved around 1 MPH across Grand Bahama.

The Hurricane which has now been downgraded and moving more north off the Florida east coast caused much of the island to be covered in water from the storm surge and heavy rainfall. The International Airport in Freeport was completed submerged and many locals had to get to their attics to stay clear of the rising waters. The U.S. Coast Guard has also been involved in rescue efforts.

As of writing this, there is no word on the damage done to the port area but no doubt there will be after seeing such devastation across the entire region.

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We should hear more from the cruise line in the coming days of what the response will be. We could see Carnival cruise ships sailing to the impacted areas to provide urgent supplies and possibly even used for locals or aid workers to stay on just like in previous Hurricanes that have ht the Caribbean.

Cruise Hive will keep track of any new development on the pledge from Carnival and we’ll post updates to our readers.


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