Carnival Cruise Line Takes SkyRide Out of Service for Safety Enhancements

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Carnival Cruise Line has decided to take the SkyRide feature out of service so that safety enhancements can be made.

SkyRide Closed on Two Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Line has decided to take the innovative SkyRide feature out of service on the Carnival Horizon and the Carnival Vista for safety enhancements. Guests have received emails from the cruise line that the ride which is only featured on the Vista-class cruise ships would be closed for maintenance.

Here’s one of the communications sent out from the cruise line which impacts the Carnival Horizon’s August 24 sailing from Port of Miami, Florida:

Due to extended maintenance, SkyRide will be closed for the duration of your cruise, while our team completes an enhanced plan for the ride.

We apologize for any disappointment this may cause and know you’ll enjoy the many other fun features on board.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you onboard for a fun and memorable cruise.

Carnival did not go into detail but the ride which was first introduced on the Carnival Vista in 2016 has constantly been down for maintenance. The SkyRide is often out of service to the disappointment to guests and weather can also play a major role in keeping it closed.

Cruise Hive did receive a response from Carnival regarding this matter below:

SkyRide is currently undergoing extended maintenance on Carnival Horizon and Carnival Vista.

We conduct regular maintenance inspections of SkyRide on both ships.  As we compared findings of the most recent inspections, we decided it best to take the rides out of service and consult with our engineering experts on some enhancements to maintain the high level of safety we are committed to providing.  We are making every effort to complete any recommended work as quickly as possible. 

We apologize for any disappointment this may cause our guests.  We are dedicated to keeping the fun coming in many other ways.  We encourage guests to enjoy the other fun features we have on deck and throughout the ships. 

As safety is of high priority it is important to make sure the ride remains safe at all times. Let’s hope Carnival can come up with a long-term solution to keep SkyRide open more during sailings. Engineers are looking into what can be done so as a result, it will remain closed until further notice.

At Cruise Hive we’ve extensively covered the closure of the award-winning SkyRide. We posted last week about further closures of the ride on the Carnival Horizon across multiple sailings and the same goes to sister ship Carnival Vista right here.

SkyRide will also be featured on the new Carnival Panorama when she joins the fleet this December. Just like the sister ships, it will be located on the top deck towards the aft where guests will be able to peddle around at their own speed 150-feet above the waterline.

Carnival Horizon SkyRide

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Carnival Horizon SkyRide
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