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Carnival Cruise Line Phases Out EA Branded Sports Bar

Today Carnival has confirmed with Cruise Hive that no further EA branded Sports Bars are to be added to any more cruise ships in the fleet.

The news was first noticed from Carnival previous announcement of the Carnival Miracle refurbishment. Included in the announcement was a regular Sports bar with no mention of the EA Sports Bar. The EA Sports bar was first introduced on Carnival Liberty in 2011 as part of the fleets multi-million dollar FUN 2.0 upgrade which is still being rolled out.

“going forward, any additional sports bars introduced on our ships will not be EA Sports branded.  While we will continue to feature sports bars, which are a popular feature on our ships, over time the EA brand will be phased out.”

Carnival will continue to feature a sports bar onboard its vessel’s but minus the “EA” brand. The Miami based cruise line also said that the fleets current EA branded Sports bars are to be phased out over time. Expect this to happen in future refurbishments.

The EA Sports Bar is a popular venue where guests are able to watch their favorite sports at sea. Guests are able to play recent EA games in the bar with themselves or fellow passengers.


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