The largest cruise line to operate out of New Orleans has partnered up with the New Orleans Saints NFL Team. This will be the first ever partnership with an NFL franchise for Carnival Cruise Line.

It makes sense as the sport has a huge following and follows the trend from Norwegian Cruise Line which has also partnered up with the Miami Dolphin team. Carnival has had a relationship with New Orleans for almost 20 years and has more cruise ships sailing from the city than any other cruise line.

The new partnership will offer lots of fun activities and promotions in the actual Saints stadium and online. Since November 1st to November 13th Carnival are having a sweepstakes prize game for local Saints fans. This will include exclusive New Orleans Saints game tickets and special autographed merchandise all from the Carnival Facebook page.

Carnivals newest cruise ship the Carnival Sunshine will also be involved in the new partnership. The newly upgraded ship will arrive in New Orleans on November 17th for the very first time as its inaugural season in Europe is coming to an end. The ship will be presented atĀ half time during the New Orleans Saints vs Francisco 49ers game.

Also during the Carnival Sunshine debut Carnival will give away a free cruise to one lucky fan in the Mercedes-Benz Super dome. the fan will be able to cruise on the $155 Million upgraded ship. Carnival Sunshine will start its US inaugural voyage the following day on November 18th.

So who wants to attend the game? I do! Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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