Carnival Cruise Line Offers Further Explanation of Hot Cruise Ships

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As summer temperatures continue to rise and cruise guests are feeling the heat, Carnival Cruise Line has further explained why some ships may feel hotter than others. This can help travelers know how to keep cool and enjoy their summer cruise vacations, as well as plan which staterooms to book for better temperature control.

Recently, guests aboard some Carnival cruise ships have noted higher than desirable temperatures in their staterooms, making for uncomfortable sleep on warm nights. In reaching out to Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador, John Heald, guests have been advised about some ways the ships may feel warmer.

Conquest-Class Aft Pool
Conquest-Class Aft Pool (Photo Credit: Emrys Thakkar)

Now, Heald has offered further explanations about why certain Carnival ships may have further temperature variations. Specifically, the Conquest-class vessels, including the namesake of the class, Carnival Conquest, as well as Carnival Glory, Carnival Valor, Carnival Liberty, and Carnival Panorama – may encounter a warmer than usual part of the ship.

This is because the Conquest-class ships have retractable roofs over the aft pool on Deck 9 (Lido Deck). The retractable roofs can be closed in poor weather, allowing guests to still enjoy the pool regardless of rain.

Unfortunately, however, the roofs cannot be moved – opened or closed – while the ship is at sea. This means that if the roof may have been closed it must remain closed even if the weather clears and temperatures rise. This can make the enclosed space must hotter and more humid.

“The ship’s command always try to have the roof open when it is warm and closed when it is raining. I wanted to mention again though that they cannot open or close the roof when the ship is at sea,” Heald explained. “This could mean it coming of its tracks which would leave it broken and difficult to repair.”

If guests are in staterooms on Deck 8 (Verandah Deck) below the aft pool area, it is possible some heat transfer could occur and their cabins might feel warmer than expected.

In addition to the Conquest-class vessels, other Carnival ships with retractable roofs over certain pool areas include the Venice-class Carnival Venezia, the Splendor-class Carnival Splendor, and all the Spirit-class ships – Carnival Spirit, Carnival Pride, Carnival Legend, Carnival Miracle, and Carnival Luminosa.

Other Reasons for Hotter Staterooms

At this time, Heald has noted that the air conditioning on all Carnival ships is functioning properly. There are other factors that can make staterooms feel warmer, however.

On port days, for example, gangways – both for guest use as well as for supplies – are open for loading and unloading, and nearby parts of the ship may quickly become hotter. This will be most noticeable on lower decks near the gangways, but higher decks will not be impacted.

Carnival Celebration Cabin
Carnival Celebration Cabin (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz)

Guests in balcony cabins might also notice more heat if their balcony doors aren’t completely closed. For example, on the Excel-class ships – Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, and Carnival Jubilee – the balcony door can slide closed but not be fully closed with the handle in the proper position to ensure a good seal. This would still permit heat to enter the stateroom, as well as deactivate the air conditioning.

“Please remember that if you leave your balcony door open or ajar it will turn off your air conditioning. It does not affect any other cabin but yours but it will reduce the air con flow in your cabin,” Heald said of balcony staterooms.

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Furthermore, newer Carnival ships have a keycard activation slot near each stateroom entrance. If there is no card in the slot, the cabin’s lights and air conditioning cannot be turned on. This is a power-saving measure meant to ensure that guests do not leave electronics on while they are out of the cabin, and it can be easy to forget to put a card back in the slot to turn on the air conditioning.

Closing the curtains in balcony or oceanview staterooms while in port or on hot days is also a key step in keeping rooms cooler. Solar radiation through the glass can quickly heat up a room.

Finally, travelers should also consider bringing a small fan to improve stateroom air circulation (but do not improvise a ceiling fan setup – that is not permitted!), which can make even a warmer cabin feel much cooler and more comfortable.

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