Carnival Cruise Line Now Offering New Onboard Meet-and-Greet

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In response to guest feedback and requests, Carnival Cruise Line has now begun offering a new meet-and-greet for passengers 18-20 years old. This can bring together young adult cruisers to meet other passengers of their own age and enjoy fantastic times throughout their sailing.

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald confirmed the new event on his popular Facebook page, noting that it will be held on the first sea day of each cruise, and will be a supervised event guided by a staff member from the Fun Squad.

“I want to talk about 18-20-year-olds and first some good news. Following some of you writing to me here saying there should be a meet and greet and a chance for this age group to meet new friends I am happy to tell you that there now is,” Heald said.

“On every ship on the first sea day (not embarkation day) there will be a meet and greet under the supervision of one of the brilliant Fun Squad members. They will meet and hopefully enjoy a chance to meet new friends, follow each other on Insta and TikTok and enjoy the cruise with people of their own age.”

Information about the exact time and location of the new meetup will be published in the Carnival Hub app and in the printed paper FunTimes newsletter. This will likely vary from sailing to sailing depending on the available lounge and other meeting spaces onboard, as well as which Fun Squad crew members are available to lead the event.

No further details have been released about what this new meet and greet will include, but it is likely to involve a variety of introduction ice breakers and similar fun activities to help cruisers relax and get to know one another. Team games, friendly competitions, and other activities are sure to be part of the event, depending on what each Fun Squad leader chooses.

Carnival Liberty Promenade Deck
Carnival Liberty Promenade Deck (Photo Credit: Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock)

There could be prizes or refreshments provided during the event, as these items tend to vary for different occasions and on different ships.

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As the event is designated for travelers from ages 18-20, it is possible that guests may be asked to prove their age when attending to be sure no younger or older cruisers get involved with the meet-and-greet that is planned for a specific age group. This would ensure that everyone attending would be the appropriate age for planned activities.

It should be noted that this will not be an extension or new age level for Carnival Cruise Line’s youth programs, Camp Ocean, Circle C, and Club O2. Camp Ocean is for ages 2-11 and is further subdivided into three age groups to ensure the youngest guests have proper supervision and activities. Circle C is for ages 12-14, and Club O2 is the teen hangout for ages 15-17.

The new meet-and-greet for ages 18-20 is simply another opportunity for younger cruise guests to meet others in their age group, with whom they are more likely to share similar interests.

Other Meet-and-Greet Events

Carnival Cruise Line does offer meet-and-greet events for a variety of different guests. Not only do the youth programs feature open houses and a wide range of supervised activities for the youngest travelers, but several such meetups are also available for adults.

Carnival Cruise Line Passengers
Carnival Cruise Line Passengers (Photo Copyright: Cruise Hive)

For example, inclusive LGBTQIA meetings are often arranged with designated lounge space for meeting, and similarly, “Friends of Bill W.” meetings are available for those who struggle with alcoholism but want to enjoy sailing in a comfortable atmosphere.

When any large group is sailing on a particular cruise, the group’s organizer can contact Carnival Cruise Line and request meeting space. If possible, the cruise line will designate a lounge and time for the group to meet, and may be able to provide music, activities, or refreshments.

Such arrangements are not guaranteed, however, and will depend on other scheduled activities and operational needs on each individual ship and sailing.

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