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Carnival Cruise Line Makes Changes to Room Service

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Carnival Cruise Line is making some room service changes which also includes a new fee across the fleet between a certain time.

Changes are being made to room service to avoid some issues currently seen on Carnival cruise ships. Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador posted on his Facebook page that room service will no longer be complimentary between the hours of 10 PM – 6 AM.

There will be a fee ranging from $2 – $6 depending on what is ordered during the overnight hours. The menu will include an expanded offering including salads, sandwiches, desserts and special items along with some new options. The cruise line will also no longer offer room service on debarkation morning, this sure will help the room stewards from cleaning up those trays!

Carnival Cruise Ambassador John HealdĀ posted:

From 10pm to 6am we will no longer offer complimentary room service. An expanded offering of fee-based food items will be available ranging from salads and sandwiches to specialty items and include new options such as Greek Salad; Chicken Caesar Salad; Portabella & Veggie Bun; Grilled Cheese, Bacon and Tomato Sandwich; and Roast Turkey Wrap; as well as a selection of new desserts including Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownies; Doughnut Sandwich; and Banana Split. Prices for menu items will range from $2 to $6.

Also, on debarkation morning, we will no longer offer room service. You will continue to have the option of enjoying breakfast at the Lido deck restaurant, at Ocean Plaza (on those ships that have one) and in the dining room.

John continued to write that the reason for this room service change and fee items was due to the amounts of food waste late at night. He said many guests will often order too much food and snacks after a busy fun evening on the ship. There is often an increased rate of food waste left after room service orders and the cruise line wants to stop this.

Between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM, complimentary room service will still be available as normal and Carnival has no plans to add a fee to this. Guests not wanting to pay any fee for the overnight hours can simply head on up to the free Pizzaria on the lido deck.

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