Carnival is Frustrated After Ship Denied at Grand Turk

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The popular Carnival cruise port at Grand Turk as denied a Carnival cruise ship to make its scheduled call after flu-like symptoms onboard.

Carnival Magic Not Allowed Disembark Guests in Grand Turk

The Carnival Magic was today denied to make its scheduled call in Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands. According to Carnival, there were some with flu-like symptoms onboard and authorities in Grand Turk decided to make the decision in not allowing the vessel to make its normal call. The vessel did dock at the port but guests were not able to get off.

We received a statement from Carnival Cruise Line and the cruise line is obviously not in agreement with the decision and did try to appeal to allow guests to enjoy their time ashore as normal. Here’s what they stated:

Earlier today, officials at Grand Turk refused to allow Carnival Magic to disembark guests. The ship has several guests on board experiencing routine cold and flu symptoms, but these individuals do not meet the criteria of having COVID-19 based on the guidelines set by health experts including the CDC and WHO and would not even be required to be tested in the United States and most places around the world.

We also have two other guests with medical emergencies that are not related to this matter. 

We have spent the day trying to appeal the decision to not allow all our guests off the ship, as well as to get the two guests who need urgent medical care to an air ambulance we have chartered.

We are enormously frustrated by the unwarranted decision by local officials and the delay in getting our guests medical attention. 

We sincerely apologize to our guests for this disruption. Carnival Magic is currently on an eight-day Caribbean cruise that departed Port Everglades last Saturday.

In addition to the passengers who were not feeling so well, there were two who needed urgent medical care and the cruise line has been working on arranging an air ambulance for them. Those who did have flu-like symptoms did not meet the criteria of COVID-19.

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The Carnival Magic is currently sailing an 8-day cruise which departed Fort Lauderdale, Florida on February 29. The ship has already called at St. Maarten, Tortola and San Juan. Grant Turk is the final port of call on the itinerary before arrival back at Port Everglades on March 8.

This is the first time the popular cruise destination has denied the ship over coronavirus fears and could have a knock-on effect on future cruises. This also follows Jamaica and Grand Cayman which have denied ships.

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