Carnival Cruise Line Could Be Introducing A New “Free” Drinks Package

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Cruise Hive has received confirmation from Carnival that they won’t be introducing any kind of new free drinks package onboard their ships. For now cruisers can enjoy Carnival’s CHEERS program which offers many types of drinks.


Carnival Cruise Line could be planning a new drinks package for the fleet which could introduce a “Free Drinks” option. All this of course is mainly rumor from Cruisers Choice, the site says an inside source from the cruise line revealed they are reviewing their current packages to help entice cruisers.

It’s an ever-changing industry with cruise lines trying to offer the best packages to get more happy passengers. Other major cruise lines are offering enticing drink programs where free drinks are included but with a catch. At the moment Carnival is offering its CHEERS Beverage Program which was enhanced back in February, 2016.

CHEERS is an all-inclusive drink program where guests 21 years or over pay a flat daily rate for the entire voyage. If guests pay for the package online before their cruise it will cost $49.95 plus 15% gratuity, but if it’s ordered while onboard it costs $54.95 plus an extra 15% gratuity. Maybe not the best drink packages out there, but the recent enhancement included more alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages along with special deals around the ship and certain bottled water around the ship.

Even “if” Carnival do introduce a new package with free drink there will no doubt be some kind of catch. At the moment Passengers would have to consume at least $49.95 worth of drinks each day to make it worth it so a new package would also have to address this issue.

Would love to read your thoughts on this in the comments further down below. What kind of package would you like Carnival Cruise Line to bring out?


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