Carnival Cruise Line Guest Falls Off Pier in Bimini, Bahamas

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During a port of call in Bimini, Bahamas on July 10, a guest from the Carnival Liberty cruise ship fell off the pier. Thankfully, his fellow passengers, the ship’s deck crew, and security staff managed to come to the rescue.

A video shows passing cruise ship passengers and staff from the ship doing their best to save the man, who seemed unable to swim after he fell off the pier and into the water.

Carnival Liberty Guest Saved After Falling Off Pier

During Carnival Liberty’s call to Bimini, a famous resort island in the Bahamas, a man fell off the pier into the turbulent waters below. Cruise ship passengers from Carnival Liberty filmed the ordeal, where multiple passengers, cruise ship security, and deck crew personnel did their best to rescue the man.

Carnival Cruise Line stated to Cruise Hive, “Several members of our Carnival Liberty deck crew and security team worked with security personnel from the pier in Bimini to successfully rescue a guest who fell from the pier. Thankfully, the guest was unhurt.”

In a video provided to Cruise Hive, two guests can be seen holding a life ring, trying to bring the man to safety with another person in the water trying to keep the man from drowning. Watch the video below:

After several minutes, the efforts seem to be in vain, and another man jumps into the water to help. Only at this point is it possible to steer the man to the nearby stairs where he can finally get out of the water. 

It happened during a 3-night cruise from Port Canaveral to Bimini, with the famous resort island being the only port of call on July 10 for the 2,974-passenger Conquest-class cruise ship.

Often, guests will use their free time in port to sample local delicacies, which clearly can have very adverse consequences. Thankfully, in this case, several cruise ship passengers on the way back to the ship had the presence of mind to do the right thing and save the man. 

Cruise Pier Safety

The person who fell in the water was indeed fortunate. Piers are notoriously dangerous places, as turbulent water and currents will often cause swimming nearly impossible. With the calm day in Bimini, the victim at least stood a chance to be saved. 

What is worth pointing out is that the pier lacks any safety measures, such as no-go areas, which are in place in most ports. AT most cruise piers, yellow lines are painted on the concrete surface to warn people not to get close to the edge. 

Cruise Pier in Bimini, Bahamas
Cruise Pier in Bimini, Bahamas

Anyone going on a cruise should never forget the dangers of ports and docks. With huge ships nearby, turbulence in the water, and extremely sharp barnacles on the concrete pillars, it’s important to never get near the edge.

This was proven back in 2019 when a passenger in a wheelchair fell into the water next to Carnival Fascination in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. This passenger was also saved due to the attentiveness of local onlookers, who quickly took action. 

The guest who fell off the pier in Bimini did not seem to suffer any severe injuries and was able to walk afterward. Carnival Liberty is back in Port Canaveral today, setting sail on a 4-night Bahamas cruise to Princess Cays and Nassau in the Bahamas. 

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