Carnival Cruise Line Glitch Causes Some Email Confusion

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With Carnival Cruise Line suffering from a glitch with its website and email systems, many guests have been confused after receiving emails way too early and not logging in.

Carnival Cruise Line Issues

It’s been a glitchy start to the week for Carnival Cruise Line, with guests receiving email communications earlier than needed and not being able to log in. It’s resulted in a lot of confusion for guests, and some worry if the email is ignored.

The email that’s being sent out too early to many guests is for the vaccine attestation. It’s an important communication from the cruise line which reminds guests that they must fill out their vaccine and health details within 48 hours before cruise departure.

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For guests who have an upcoming cruise, it’s still important to make sure the vaccine details are filled in. However, issues on the Carnival website it has not helped the matter.

In reply to confused guests on social media, Carnival stated, “We are aware that we are still having issues with the website, and have them working on the issue. Please check back with us in the morning. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.”

Carnival Glory Cruise Ship
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Guests with a cruise booked in January or February have already received the vaccine attestation email notice too early. Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador also confirmed the emails had been sent in error.

With more guests than usual trying to log in to fill in the vaccine attestation, it could be impacting the website. The cruise line has not revealed the specific reason for the issues.

To fill in the vaccine details, guests have to log into their booking information and check the “My To-do list” under the cruise manager or under the planner section where it says “Complete Health Assessment.” In most cases, this will be grayed out until 48 hours before departure.

Carnival Protocols
Carnival Website

As part of the Carnival Have Fun. Be Safe protocols it says, “All guests will be asked to complete an online health questionnaire 72 hours prior to sailing and undergo enhanced pre-embarkation health screenings, which will include confirmation of their health screening responses, validation of their vaccination documents and any required COVID-19 testing.”

If guests don’t fill out their health details, mainly about their vaccine status, the cruise could be cancelled, hence the worry and confusion with the Carnival glitches.

Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship
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Not the First Time

It’s not the first time Carnival Cruise Line has sent out communication by mistake or due to a glitch. Back in July 2021, there was almost an identical issue when an advisory that was also related to vaccine details was sent out to guests when it did not yet apply to them. The official website also went done in that case.

It’s already confusing enough with the ever-changing protocols and having to get tested within two days before departure. No doubt the cruise line is working on the problem, and it should soon be resolved.

Guests should contact Carnival directly if not sure about their booking. With long waiting times via phone lines, getting in touch with the cruise lines through social media can be a good option.

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