Carnival Cruise Line Continues Epic Holiday Tradition for Crew Members

Carnival Cruise Line launches Operation Happy Holidays for more than 25,000 crew members for the second year running.

During the height of the pandemic, thousands of individuals, organizations, and businesses made a massive difference for crew members onboard Carnival Cruise Line ships by sending them more than 10,000 Christmas and holiday cards. This year the cruise line hopes to expand on the efforts from last year.

With only a few crew members on board last year, getting the cards to the ships was relatively easy. With more than 25,000 crew members on board now, it might be just a little bit harder to accomplish. Nonetheless, Carnival Brand Ambassador John Heald hopes everyone will chip in once again.

Carnival Keeps the Tradition Going

Being a crew member on board a crew ship is great fun most of the year, but as you would expect, the holiday season can be tough on the thousands of people far removed from their families.

The efforts last year were exceptionally well received by the crew members on board, and hopefully, this is an effort that can be repeated this year.

Carnival Christmas 2020
Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

John Heald, Carnival’s Brand Ambassador: “Last year you were all so amazingly kind when I asked you to send Christmas and holiday cards for our crew on the ships. Over 10,000 of you sent them and words cannot express how brilliant this was and how touched and grateful the crew were. So here I am again asking that we keep the tradition going. It will be a challenge this year to try and get a card for each crew member on all the ships as we will need 25,000 of them to assure each person gets one card.”

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Last year the response had been overwhelming; from the kids at Camp Carnival child education center at the company’s Miami headquarters to the Galveston Police Department, thousands helped out, creating beautiful handmade cards for team members on board.

How Can You Join in?

With 25,000 crew members on board the ships sailing from Texas, California, Florida, Louisiana, and more, Carnival is asking for as many people as possible to join in. Last year a massive 10.000 cards were received by the ships; this year, an additional 15.000 are needed!

Christmas Tree on Carnival Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Turn_Mug / Shutterstock

If you, your business, or organization would like to join in and help create a memorable festive season for the crew members on board, you can send them to the below address:

Carnival Crew

c/o Carnival Cruise Line

3655 NW 87th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33178

ATTN: Operation Happy Holidays

However, if you plan to sail onboard a Carnival ship between now and the holiday season, you can also take a card directly to the vessel. The cruise line has placed special boxes in the Atrium onboard each ship where you can deposit your holiday cards.

John Heald posted, “If you are sailing between now and the holidays, you can take them directly to the ships and place them in a special box which will be located in the Atrium. These are not addressed to any specific crew member, and I know how thankful they will all be to see that you are thinking of them during a time when they will all miss their families more than ever. Thank you again for proving we are all part of the CARNIVAL FAMILY.”

Carnival Cruise Line is slowly starting to move into the festive mood; recently, it announced the schedule for when each ship would be decked out in holiday cheer. It promises to be a great time to be on board, especially since many missed their traditional holiday cruise last year.


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