Carnival Cruise Line and Daon to Speed Up Embarkations with VeriFLY

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After a successful first pilot test of the VeriFLY digital health wallet, Carnival Cruise Line and Daon have entered a partnership to continue using the free app for future cruise passengers.

Carnival guests can now upload their proof of vaccination, testing information, and health surveys to be verified before sailing – resulting in a streamlined health screening process, and ultimately quicker embarkation at the terminal.

Carnival to Continue Using VeriFLY

Guests aboard the January 22 sailing of Mardi Gras from Port Canaveral were the first to use the VeriFLY app, with great success. This initial pilot was voluntary, and 85% of passengers who opened the invite to use the program downloaded the app.

“For those who successfully uploaded required info for confirmation, the health screening process time was cut in half, significantly speeding up the check-in process,” Carnival Cruise Line said of that first use.

“We are committed to using technology to enhance the guest experience and are very pleased with the initial results from the VeriFLY pilot,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “The faster we can make the terminal check-in process, the faster our guests can get to the fun on board.”

Carnival Cruise Line Embarkation
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Now, the cruise line intends to initiate additional voluntary VeriFLY uses in different embarkation ports, and the new partnership with Daon – the creators of this digital health wallet – will make that process even smoother.

“Carnival has long been recognized as a leader in leisure travel, providing their guests with an outstanding vacation experience,” said Daon CEO Tom Grissen. “Daon is pleased to be able to assist Carnival with our VeriFLY digital wallet so that they can continue to provide a seamless travel journey for their guests.”

What Is VeriFLY?

The world’s first widely adopted digital health wallet, VeriFLY is a mobile app developed and managed by the biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions provider, Daon, whose work has included solutions for digital banking, insurance, border security, and other clients.

VeriFLY offers travelers a secure, simple way to confirm their destination’s COVID-19 requirements. After travelers create a secure profile on the app, Daon verifies that the customer’s data matches a country’s requirements and displays a simple pass or fail message.

Carnival Cruise Line VeriFLY
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This simple message streamlines the check-in and documentation verification process. The app also provides travelers with reminders when their travel window is coming to a close or once their credentials have expired.

VeriFLY is available for free through the App Store and Google Play.

Cruising With VeriFLY

To use the app before a Carnival cruise, passengers will need to create a secure profile on their mobile device with their cruise booking number and a good quality selfie photo.

The VeriFLY app will then prompt for trip confirmation details, including flight information if applicable, as well as a vaccine health credential and/or negative COVID-19 test that fulfills Carnival Cruise Line’s requirements.

As each element is verified, the app matches that information with Carnival Cruise Line’s requirements and displays a pass or fail message. A traveler will then know whether or not they meet the necessary COVID-19 requirements before cruising, allowing time for adjustments if needed before arriving at the embarkation port.

At the moment, Carnival Cruise Line is continuing the pilot program at Port Canaveral, but the cruise line does intend to move quickly to implement VeriFLY across its fleet.

VeriFLY is already in use by Viking Cruises, as well as American Airlines, British Airways, Japan Airlines, and other clients. With Carnival Cruise Line now adopting the app, other cruise lines are sure to consider it as well.

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