Carnival Cruise Line Bringing Back Popular Priority Program

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Carnival Cruise Line is bringing back the popular “Faster to the Fun” add-on priority program for sailings departing December 1, 2022 and later.

The return of the program has been confirmed by brand ambassador John Heald, and will be available for purchase through Carnival’s shore excursions listings.

Faster to the Fun is Back!

According to Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald, Faster to the Fun will return to all ships from December 1, and will be available for purchase within the next few days.

“Faster to the Fun will return this weekend for voyages starting on December 1st,” Heald said. “Please do keep checking the excursion page.”

It is not clear at exactly what time or day the popular add-on package will be available for purchase, but interested guests should continue to monitor the cruise line’s website for their cruise reservation in order to secure a spot if they wish.

Because the package is slightly different for different voyages, it is likely that it may come online at different times for different sailings, but should be fully listed for all cruises within the next few days.

Carnival Cruise Line Embarkation
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Guests should note, however, that the limited program is not available for purchase until approximately 90 days prior to each cruise, in order for the cruise line to gauge how many priority guests will be sailing.

Prices for Faster to the Fun vary depending on the ship, cruise length, and itinerary. The starting price listed on Carnival’s website is $49.95 (USD) per cabin.

The single purchase per cabin will provide priority services to all guests booked in that cabin.

Why the Program Was Suspended

Faster to the Fun was initially suspended when the cruise industry shutdown began in March 2020.

Because of increased health and safety protocols and the need to better control crowds for embarkation, the program was not brought back when cruising slowly began to resume in July 2021.

As health and safety protocols began to ease, staffing shortages continued to impact Faster to the Fun and kept the program on hiatus, as it was too challenging to provide all the sought after benefits with suitable quality.

Now, as operations have further returned to pre-pandemic normalcy, it is now possible to bring back Faster to the Fun with all the options guests look forward to.

About Faster to the Fun

Faster to the Fun (FTTF) is a priority access add-on for a cruise booking.

When purchased, the program gives guests exclusive perks, including some very popular priority options available to cruisers in upper levels of Carnival Cruise Lines “Very Important Fun Person” (VIFP) loyalty program.

While the exact features of Faster to the Fun vary based on availability at different embarkation ports and ports of call, as well as what amenities are available on different ships, the program’s perks include:

  • Priority check-in and embarkation to begin the cruise right away, without long lines
  • Immediate access to the stateroom regardless of embarkation time
  • Early delivery of luggage to get settled in right away
  • Dedicated line at Guest Services to resolve issues more quickly
  • Priority dining time reservations, including for specialty restaurants
  • Priority tender access in ports that use water shuttles rather than docks
  • Priority debarkation at the end of the cruise
Carnival Guest Services Desk
Guest Services

First introduced aboard the now-defunct Carnival Imagination in 2012, Faster to the Fun was immediately a popular success and was gradually rolled out to all Fun Ships through the remainder of 2012 and into 2013.

The program is limited based on the capacity of each individual ship as well as how many VIFP guests are sailing on each cruise with similar benefits, in order to ensure that every VIFP guest as well as every FTTF guest can enjoy their perks.

Is the Package Worthwhile?

When it was introduced, Faster to the Fun generated great controversy, particularly among loyal Carnival cruisers who had earned similar perks such as priority boarding and a dedicated Guest Services line through years of cruises.

It was initially believed to be unfair that other guests could simply purchase the same desirable benefits.

Because the cruise line limits how many guests can purchase the program, however, FTTF is not as disruptive to VIFP benefits as initially feared, and the two programs have worked well together over the years. It must also be noted that FTTF does not give guests every perk earned through the VIFP program.

Tendering From a Carnival Ship

Today, the program can be worthwhile for cruisers who want to enjoy some valuable perks that can help them have a smoother cruise and spend less time in lines or miss out on their dining preferences.

It can be especially valuable for groups when different cruisers may not all have earned the same level of loyalty, or for cruisers who simply want to expedite their vacation and get right to enjoying their cruise, especially to access their cabin immediately.

While every cruiser has to decide which programs are best suited to their vacation needs, Faster to the Fun is a great option to make the most of every Carnival cruise.

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