Take a look at this video which shows a busy Port Everglades in Florida with several cruise ships coming and going. It’s a time-lapse video so the footage is speeded up which makes the viewing even better.

By watching the footage you get to see two ships docking ready for the next voyage. You can also see the wind currents blowing across the water and hitting the side of the vessels as they dock.

The video was taken over a four-hour period which seems to begin in the very early hours of the morning to sunrise and it;s nice to see some of the ships all lit up in the dark.

Port Everglades is the third busiest cruise port in the world and deals with some of the largest and most well know vessels from the largest cruise lines in the world.

All together we counted 8 cruise ships including ships from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland America and Princess Cruises. Can anyone see what ships they are? Let us know in the comments below.