Boy On Cruise Ship Jumps From Deck Above Into Pool

A new video was posted yesterday of a boy jumping from one deck above into the cruise ship swimming pool below.

In a new video posted yesterday a young boy has been seen jumping from the railings above into the ships main pool below. The two boys in the video named Justice and Zach planned their jump while cruising onboard Princess Cruises. It starts in their cabin where they even prepare with GoPro cameras to capture the stunt.

Watch Cruise Ship Pool Jump Below:

So one of the boys jumps which looks to be from one deck above directly in the pool below. The cruise line even has a sign which says “For Your Own Safety, Do Not Jump Or Dive Into The Pool” and was even caught in the footage. The boys completely ignored the safety sign and seemed to think they were doing something cool just to get more attention and followers. The video ends with the jump into the pool and the boy is very lucky this didn’t end badly.

We saw this video when it first went online and really didn’t want to give them the views they deserve but other cruise passengers can learn from this and not make the same mistake. Doing something like this is extremely dangerous, not just into the pool but from any railings onboard. The cruise guests still in the pool could have been injured and many people may ask where are the parents?

In December 2016 we reported on another young cruise ship passenger who jumped off the bow of a Princess cruise ship while in port. Another attention seeking young passenger climbed over the railings on the side of a Carnival ship while at sea.


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