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Cruise News Royal Caribbean How Does Boaty McBoatface Sound For A Cruise Ship Name?

How Does Boaty McBoatface Sound For A Cruise Ship Name?

A nice April fools news story for you, Royal Caribbean has revealed that the man who came up with the name Boaty McBoatface for a $300 million British Antarctic survey vessel contest is to be hired to help name future Royal Caribbean ships!

The UK’s Natural Environment Research Council launched a contest to name its newest vessel. James Hand entered the competition which ends on April 16 with the name Boaty McBoatface and since then has become pretty popular. The Natural Environment Research Council are now probably regretting running the contest but Royal Caribbean are fairly fond of the unique name.

Michael Bayley, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International said:

“The people of the United Kingdom know the name of a great ship when they see it,”

“Like the rest of the world, we fell in love with the name Boaty McBoatface when we heard it, and we knew immediately that Royal Caribbean could use James Hand’s talent to name our next ship.”

I must say but if Royal Caribbean did name a cruise ship like Boaty McBoatface it would be pretty cool right? Royal Caribbean has said that James Hand will be sailing onboard the cruise lines newest ship Harmony of the Seas and will meet with ship naming experts. They will discuss upcoming ship names so keep an eye out for names like Boaty McBoatface of the Seas!

“If James accepts our offer, who knows, perhaps he could name all our future ships,” added Bayley. “James Hand, Chief Naming Officer, Royal Caribbean International. It has a nice ring to it.”

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