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  1. You can check the app too to see which excursions are available for your specific cruise.
  2. Hi @Hopeful, doesn't seem to be any itinerary changes so far, but that could change at any time. Currently, the Royal Caribbean cruise ships that have changes are Allure of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. You can check all the details on those ships here: Multiple Cruise Ship Itinerary Changes as Hurricane Ian Aims for Florida (
  3. It certainly is changing so much. It seems the UK cruise lines are slightly different compared tot he U.S. ones, and also depends on where their vessels sail. At least it's gradually getting easier to cruise now. Shouldn't be too long until they just completely drop all the requirements.
  4. It's especially good to pre-pay before the cruise, if the cruise line is increasing the per day gratuity amount by the time your sailing departs.
  5. Apparently it was due to a medical emergency with a young cruise passenger.
  6. Glad to know the site is working good for you. Maybe not a drink a day!
  7. @FJB, You'll have to post a different drink each day, while you go through Cruise Hive news! 😂 Are those images on the right sidebar never loading for you?
  8. Carnival Cruise Line announced recently that it will open up cruises to unvaccinated guests starting from sailings that depart on or after September 6, 2022. You can read all the details here:
  9. Crew member certainly do work hard and always good to directly tip the steward who has been looking after your cabin for the voyage. @RoadTravelled, that's so nice to give out a thank you card each day, it's especially nice for those that making sure the ship is clean and don't often get much attention.
  10. We should soon be finding out more details about the new class of cruise ships from Princess Cruises. What's currently known as the Sphere class ships coming in November 2023 and 2025, they will be the first class powered by LNG for the cruise line at around 175,000 gross tons. What are your predictions and what would you like to see on this new class?
  11. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are regarding gratuities? Some major cruise lines have already increased their rates, and Royal Caribbean could be next. Do you usually just tip the crew member directly, such as the room steward, or just go with the automatic rate the cruise line charges from the onboard account?
  12. Hi everyone, just thought I would let you all know about the big change to testing announced by Royal Caribbean Group. Starting from August 8, 2022, vaccinated guests won't have to do a pre-cruise test on the shorter sailings. All the details will be released by the cruise line on the week of August 1. What do you think of the change? We're gradually getting back to some normality.
  13. Hi @Madison Cruisers, so sorry that you've been impacted by this. Are you able to post the letter or communication they sent you?
  14. Hi @FJB, thanks so much for the comment and glad you're enjoy reading the latest unbiased cruise news. Our forums are new and have only been active since the end of last year, so it will take some time for them to grow. We haven't even promoted our forums at all yet and have plenty of ideas for the future too. Thanks again for your post and all the best! 😁
  15. Hey @susank12, I think your best bet would be to get the train from the Venezia S.Lucia station in Venice, but you would have to change trains in Ferrara. Hope that helps! The cruise line shouldn't be giving you the running around like that.
  16. Carnival Cruise Line has not announced anything yet for the June 20th cruise. So far it's just the May 28, June 2 and June 6 sailings. We'll have to wait an see how the repairs go for more cancellations.
  17. Hopefully, it will all be fully opened soon. The article is correct the as the company which runs White Pass & Yukon Route got in touch with Cruise Hive directly.
  18. Hi @Susan G, I'm sure there are roll calls online that could help you meet your fellow cruisers. That could be a feature we might add to the boards if there was enough demand.
  19. Hey @REBECCA, that's a great question! Don't think I've ever seen a cruise line do a political related charter cruise. My guess is that if cruise lines can do nude cruises, then don't think politics would be an issue. I guess it would depend for each line.
  20. I also agree, I think it's going to be a while before they bring it back. Too many other things to deal with.
  21. If there is an itinerary change, Princess Cruises will no doubt send out a communication to impacted guests. Are you booked on that sailing?
  22. You'll have to ask them that. It all remains very fluid.
  23. Apart from a few limitations with shore excursions, the Alaska cruises are all good! Alaska is well and truly back!
  24. Hi @David W., you mentioned you upgraded seats, are you relating to your flight rather than the cruise? Even though they sent you a communication, I would try calling them.
  25. @Mark Chance, not long to go until your cruise, all set for it?
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