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  1. @RandallThe protocols are always changing and updating so I would always check on Carnival's website to get to latest updates. *Cruise 5 days or less except for Bermuda testing is no longer required for fully vaccinated guests. *Cruise 6 days and above testing requirements are still in place.
  2. Ah, mother nature. You're a beautiful, temperament and just as unpredictable.
  3. Though I think I'd be asleep by 3am, others may like the option that it is there when they want it. They say this is still related to staff shortages. I agree with the article that Carnival is a party ship. Carnival developed, marketed, fed, and encouraged this reputation. Most would expect the same ambiance they've paid for regardless of the situation. I hope this is just temporary.
  4. DeanneB


    @KeithG That is so true. If the test comes out positive everything is ruined. I hope you'll get a negative test result.
  5. It looks like the Bahamas no longer requires testing but does require complete vaccinated status. It also mentions that the cruise lines may have a different requirement regarding testing.
  6. @Bermuda It looks like they require testing for passengers who will disembark in Bermuda and Travel Authorization.
  7. NCL has the Kids' Aqua Park on deck 18th and the Main pool on the 17th. I think you are right they are not allowed in the infinity pools. Kids can be playful. You view the activities here
  8. -Close contact would be less than 6 fee -CCTVs are everywhere on the ship, I do not think they use facial recognition. - You may be quarantined inside your cabin when you are tested positive. They will bring supplies, medicine, and food. But they will not clean or will go inside the cabin. The quarantine may last the whole duration of the cruise, starting from the day you were tested. You may also disembark last after most of the passengers have disembarked. - The kids are divided into smaller groups. I would try to call again or get into another chat and request another agent that is more knowledgeable and more experienced to help you get the answers you need.
  9. I am sorry, I know it must have been tiresome. I am not sure there is something to be done about the fees since these fees are from the airlines. I don't think NCL can refund them. I agree they should have mentioned the restrictions. They generally include this restriction on the email they sent upon confirming the flight details.
  10. I work in a hospital and mostly helped with seniors and I can say the vaxxed seniors and patients have a better chance of dealing with the virus. Some of the infected just need to rest for 48 hours, similar to the regular flu. They needed to be monitored to make sure the symptoms are under control but generally, they do not need any intensive interventions. I can say, we are not panicking when we know the patient is vaccinated.
  11. DeanneB


    I don't like testing either. I do not like the process and it leaves me sneezing and my tears welling up. I need a good 10 minutes to stop the urge of sneezing. The hospital I work for a couple of hours a week requires us to test weekly. I am taking care of seniors so we have to make sure, we are not carriers. You'd think I am used to it by now.
  12. DeanneB


    I am interested to know why the testing centers had closed @Jes. Is there a particular reason why? I know we can test at home now, but for cruising and other business, they still need an official document for the test.
  13. Ah San Juan, such history, culture, and charm. Oh the beaches!
  14. Definitely wonderful. I think we are inching towards an exciting direction.
  15. That is an inch step forward, I guess. I welcome the slight change.
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