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  2. I actually work for Royal Caribbean and they where allowing us to make reservations for unvaccinated guests last week. But as of Aug 5th they informed us that we would give them refunds and not to book any more unvaccinated guests until further notice. But it is definitely looking like we are heading in that direction.
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  4. If masks are required again, then there should be a limit of people in elevators. There should be no more than 6 people in the elevator and it should be posted in the elevators so passengers can insist on the number of people occupying the elevator. Passengers have been rude and insist on having 10 plus people in the elevator. My husband & I have gotten off the elevator even though we were the first ones in the elevator when people insisted on cramming 10 plus people .in the elevator. Royal Caribbean ships post in the elevators limit of 6 people~~~Carnival has not !!!
  5. Can anyone recommend a good hotel for a Port Canaveral departure that offers the Fly, Snooze and Cruise package?
  6. Not really. When you purchase the drink package - it automatically adds gratuities to your cruise total. It is the same with the Specialty Rest. package. Even if it is part of the Free at Sea package. The water for puchase is only filtered watered - not spring and it is NCL's own brand. It comes in a plant based container and does not taste good. Better off bringing a refillable bottle and lemon/lime and ice. When you stop in a port - you can buy water or soda and bring it back on the ship. My husband and I cruise a lot and we do not drink - we drink water with lots of ice & lemon (free) and I drink lots of Iced tea(free). You can deny both of these packages when you book your cruise and see the overall total of your cruise go down a few bucks. Also there are many liquors and cocktails that have an extra charge depending on what you drink. Have fun.
  7. @RandallThe protocols are always changing and updating so I would always check on Carnival's website to get to latest updates. *Cruise 5 days or less except for Bermuda testing is no longer required for fully vaccinated guests. *Cruise 6 days and above testing requirements are still in place.
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  9. Just more cut-backs IMO that have been happening across all lines over the years, services that will never return.
  10. Going on a cruise Dec 30 - Jan 3. First time for me being on a cruise and the first time in 15+ years for my girlfriend. Neither of us are big drinkers but enjoy a few cocktails. My question is if the unlimited beverage options is worth it. For this cruise, it is $419/person. If you just pay for drinks as you go, are they expensive? What is average cost of soda, water, etc? My initial thought is that if it is similar to Las Vegas ($5 for soda/water, $20 for cocktails) then it would be borderline that the unlimited. package would be worth it. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. The testing requirement for 5-days or less on Carnival is for Bermuda stops, not Bahamas. You can access their full protocols by clicking here. It's an ever moving target, so best to go to this website a couple of weeks prior to your departure to make sure you have the latest updates.
  12. You can refer to Carnival's official protocols by clicking here. It is an ever moving target, so my recommendation is to always check a couple of weeks prior to your departure to insure you have the latest information on your particular cruise.
  13. Does Carnival require Covid testing before you board the ship?
  14. Hi we have just booked our cruise only to come across the same issue, just wondering if you have come up with a solution?
  15. Just got back on the Breakaway from the 7/31-8/7, same literary changes. It really really was a terrible itinerary. San Juan was basically 3 hours, no shops were open, restaurants were overwhelmed, and the city was just awful. Very dirty. We should have stayed in the boat. Very disappointed with the changes, and basically everyone on the boat including crew were equally as disappointed. Will definitely affect our future travel with this cruise line.
  16. I just received the at home test from and I’m wondering if that test is acceptable for sailing on royal Caribbean.
  17. Ah, mother nature. You're a beautiful, temperament and just as unpredictable.
  18. Though I think I'd be asleep by 3am, others may like the option that it is there when they want it. They say this is still related to staff shortages. I agree with the article that Carnival is a party ship. Carnival developed, marketed, fed, and encouraged this reputation. Most would expect the same ambiance they've paid for regardless of the situation. I hope this is just temporary.
  19. DeanneB


    @KeithG That is so true. If the test comes out positive everything is ruined. I hope you'll get a negative test result.
  20. It looks like the Bahamas no longer requires testing but does require complete vaccinated status. It also mentions that the cruise lines may have a different requirement regarding testing.
  21. I've been reading about this and have heard mixed things. I know on my last cruise (Mardi Gras), the pizza was already not 24 hours (closed from 3 am to 10 am, I believe) but there WAS a late night buffet at Pig and Anchor. What do you guys think?
  22. @Bermuda It looks like they require testing for passengers who will disembark in Bermuda and Travel Authorization.
  23. NCL has the Kids' Aqua Park on deck 18th and the Main pool on the 17th. I think you are right they are not allowed in the infinity pools. Kids can be playful. You view the activities here
  24. -Close contact would be less than 6 fee -CCTVs are everywhere on the ship, I do not think they use facial recognition. - You may be quarantined inside your cabin when you are tested positive. They will bring supplies, medicine, and food. But they will not clean or will go inside the cabin. The quarantine may last the whole duration of the cruise, starting from the day you were tested. You may also disembark last after most of the passengers have disembarked. - The kids are divided into smaller groups. I would try to call again or get into another chat and request another agent that is more knowledgeable and more experienced to help you get the answers you need.
  25. I am sorry, I know it must have been tiresome. I am not sure there is something to be done about the fees since these fees are from the airlines. I don't think NCL can refund them. I agree they should have mentioned the restrictions. They generally include this restriction on the email they sent upon confirming the flight details.
  26. KeithG


    For me it's the uncertainty, your whole vacation hinges on that one moment and there's nothing you can do about it. We took our girl and a friend on a Spring Break cruise a few months ago, a trip they planned for more than a year, and to watch them take those tests...they looked like they were going to the electric chair. All was well, on all of ours cruises so far, but it can be stressful. Anyway, nothing we can do about it, getting ready to sail in a few weeks and have our tests ready.
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